Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dammit, What the hell is going on?

Ansar Khan is reporting that Draper will miss at least the first two games of round 2. Seriously? I'm sick of speculating about this fucking mystery. I'm sick of wondering what the hell is wrong with Draper and why he is able to participate in every activity except a game?! I no longer think it's a conspiracy theory. They need him this series. The one area the BJs beat the Wings, face offs, who's the teamss number one face off man......Kris Freaking Draper. Not to mention his penalty killing abilities. This is very shitty news, similar to waking up in the morning and discovering your beer goggles were incredibly fucked up last night.

Ready for another tug on the ball hair? Apparently Cleary didn't practice because of the flu (apparently not the swine flu, they asked. And trust me in my profession this whole swine flu thing is full force, it's fricken nuts.) Rafalski was also given the day off? Correct me if I'm wrong here but isn't it a bit strange to give a player the day off before the start of a redemption, ball busting series like this one? I just hope he's ok.....

Lilja also skated a bit with the team at practice, but apparently still hasn't improved. So yes, essentially more bad news.

Ok so Thursday sucks right now and I'm on edge. Can you blame me? It all starts tomorrow. Others are stocking up on hand sanitizer and water, and I replenishing my vodka and tequila stock pile....If the Wings play like they did during the regular season on Friday....I will be in a drink induced comma until at least Sunday...


  1. Was that you on A2Y??

    One down.......more to go.

    Every game's going to be like this one.

    Seems the big tough duckies have learned to dive this year.


  2. Ahh yes that was me. I was there until the last 5 minutes when I was rocking back and forth on the couch.

    At first I was shocked to see the Ducks diving all over the ice....and then I remembered what sneaky little bastards they really are. Just when I thought their classless behavior could not be topped, they remind us all why they are the scum of the NHL

  3. I haer ya, I hear ya. You made a comment on my post about Perry crapping his pants after Big Rig threw him like a 3 year old's care bear.