Friday, April 3, 2009

That was a joke right? Blues 5, Wings @#$%*# 4

(Unfortunately I had to DVR the game and watch it later at night hoping, for a win...)

I don't really know what the hell to say about this game. There were so many WTF moments let's see where to begin...

I think everyone but Datsyuk, Franzen, and Lidstrom forgot they were playing in the first period.

All 4'11'' of Brett Lebda stands up for Babcock's man crush secretly hoping this will ensure he is no longer a healthy scratch.

Ericsson uses his size for something other than gaining the admiration of the men of Michigan by wrecking Winchester.

Ty Conklin has decided that he is now Dominic Hasek and is attempting to emulate his style by flopping around in and out of the crease...unsuccessfully I might add. That or he is copying Osgood and decided to play out of position all night while also doing an inadvertent Riverdance 360.

Homer woke up and remembered the playoffs are coming. His ass was permanently planted in Mason's face all night. That and he also battled hard in the corners for pucks. Samulesson, Kopecky, and even Cleary tonight were wondering what the fuck he was doing working so hard for 50/50 pucks. Doesn't he know they are only playing the blues and thatDatsyuk is on the team and will just make up for it anyway? Jeez overachiever.

Homer also takes a nice shot to the arm and shakes it off like the bad ass he is.

Backes decided to make the highlight reels over and over again. He apparently decided it was time to join the ranks of Nash and Getzlaf and make the Wings his bitch. God damnnit.

So not only has Zetterberg been having a 'rough' season, or an 'off' season, (and I know his production has been there but it is not the Z from last year) but he looks incredibly bored or stoned all the time. I'm not sure which would be worse? The camera breaks to him on the bench while the Wings are down 0-2, and he is staring off into space munching on his mouth guard with glazed over eyes. Ahhh yes I have seen that face before. But let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was just thinking over the new playoff slogan and pissed that more people are voting for Draper's beard when he rocks the man bush all year long. I'm sure he has some master plan in place to put nair in Drapers shaving cream. At least last night was productive for him.

Let's see what other fucking madness took place last night. The Blues out shot the Wings 12-5 in the first. Yep, look out your window now you will see the horsemen of the Apocalypse coming.

Last year the Wings held onto the puck and had minimal turnovers. This year they are giving the puck away like 2 for 1 blow jobs on Hollywood Blvd.

Whatever, I don't know what else to say about this game. It was far too frustrating. Overall, the Wings didn't play terribly. The first period was rather pathetic, but they seemed to at least be trying during the second half of the second period as well as the third.

Ericsson had a pretty poor game. He's young, hopefully it will be a good learning experience. Datsyuk seems to be trying to win the Stanley Cup again, and apparently if no one else is going to help, he'll just do it on his own. Hossa has been essentially non existent since he came back from going head first into the boards. Hopefully he will be out of his slump by the time the playoffs start. Or maybe he has finally been infected with the general apathy in the locker room.

Conklin had a terrible game. AGAIN our goalies don't need to steal games, they just need to do their fucking job. And he sure as hell didn't. Between lack of communication with his defensemen, atrocious positioning, and allowing the Blues to score less than 60 second after the Wings tie it up, TWICE, it was just disgusting. I think the guys from the Triple Deke sum it up best with the quote below.

"Conk takes a seat on the bench for a sixth skater, and throws his stick down the hallway. It probably has a better chance of coming in contact with a puck there anyway."

The beacon of light from the game however came courtesy of one big swede, (and yes I mean someone other than Ericsson) Johan 'Mule' Franzen with this goal

You gotta love him, especially when he is on one of his scoring streaks. I can just imagine him with the big dumb open mouth look on this face saying over and over again "I shoot I score, I shoot I score, I shoot I score" While Hossa is in the corner giving him the stank eye.

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