Monday, April 13, 2009

More Promising News

Ansar Khan is reporting that Helm has been recalled from Grand Rapids. You're shocked right? Babcocks number 1 and 2 together at's a thing wet dreams are made of.

Since both Holland and Babcock have said Hossa and Draper should practice on Tuesday and play in game one on Thursday...I am guessing this isn't due to an injury. Especially since Babcock said months ago Helm would play with the Wings on their Playoff run.

The question now is who will be the healthy scratch? Matt at On the Wings thinks Kopecky is a strong possibility...and he's probably right. However, I would much rather give Kopecky a shot and sit Maltby. For most of the season he has been either a liability or non existent. I can think of 3 times where I remember him playing well. There is certainly enough veteran presence in that locker room that Maltby won't be needed. But that's not usually how the Wings roll...Columbus is physical and as of late I would argue Kopecky has discovered how big he is and could potentially be an asset.

None the less, it will be interesting to see. I'm just excited to have Helm back up with the Wings. So many teams have a hard time containing his speed and I think Columbus will be one of those. So Welcome Back!

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  1. Get ready to see random streaks of red and white racing across your television screen!