Monday, April 20, 2009

That's how you get ahead?

I've joked a lot here about Datsyuk's 'ride me like a pony' quote. But in all honesty it was a very dangerous, unnecessary, and stupid play from someone who was being out matched and out classed by his competitors. With that being said, apparently this is exactly the type of behavior and poor performance which will win you a promotion on Ken Hitchcock's team.

According to Puck-Rakers Vermette will center a line with Rick Nash and Kristian Huselius. Interesting given the previous comments and explanations made by the BJ coach. Keep your head up on Tuesday Dangle Dangle.

Also on Puck-Rakers today, apparently the shining example of all that is stupid and evil, Gary Bitchman will be in attendance at Tuesday's game. I'm not sure if this is normal protocol or not, since I hardly pay attention to the activities of the pointless and worthless, but I wonder if any good can actually come from it.

Finally, the girls from Hockeytown Static always seem to find entertaining articles and videos. They found this special little piece profiling the diet of Rick Nash. I understand things may be a bit depressing for BJ fans right now, but isn't there something else they could write about?

But in all honesty, if this is really the food diary then he is creepily detailed and narcotic about what he consumes...

6:30 p.m. -- Roasted citrus chicken, cooked carrots mixed with butter and fine bread crumbs; romaine lettuce salad with walnuts, whole-wheat rolls, plain yogurt mixed with strawberries and peaches for dessert

Ahhh in depth hard hitting reporting at its best!

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