Friday, April 3, 2009

Ready for a shake up








(yeah I don't know why it spaced like that but I am too lazy to fix it.) Those are the lines from practice today. What the fuckety fuck is going on. Yes I am full of the fucks right. They have been on the tip of my tongue all season but now just like a fat man with a bad case of shits from one two many burritos they've come out. I completely get the need to tweak things but it is scary that we have come to this point on April 3rd. I was hoping this would be sorted out by now.

Apparently Backes also injured Kopecky's shoulder last night. I guess that's where the phrase insult to injury comes from. He won't play on Sunday although if the fourth line has the same ice time they did last night it really won't be noticeable. I think Maltby and Draper had around 5 minutes....waste. Can't wait to see Helm back up here...but wait that means that it will be the playoffs, bring on the night sweats and screams of terror.

Shocking. Chris Osgood will be the starter come playoff time. hmmmmm surprise surprise. I think that was going to happen even if Conkcan'tBlock had won last night. Although as Matt over at on the Wings pointed out, Ozzie owes Conklin a drink or two as his performance last night may have caused this announcement to come sooner. I think he may owe him something a bit more than a drink....

Babcock apparently also brought the Herbies out after practice. Too bad they didn't have them after the game on Thursday with Larry Murphy weakly and half drunkenly blowing the whistle and cringing.

Last but oh certainly not least, Lidstrom FINALLY decided it was time to call a players only meeting. Yeah I'm in 'I'll believe it when I see it mode' So talk to me on Sunday night about the results of this. Lidstrom wears the C for a good reason so I am hoping it will be a positive result. Although I personally thought the loss to Nashville and the Islanders would have been sufficient. Apparently not.

Alright. I'm done bitching and complaining.

Michigan State plays tomorrow! Go State!


  1. Congratulations on a legitimate blog for the Red Wings, etc. as opposed to A2Y or several of the other blogs whose sole purpose seems to be emo-tastic self-flagellation and pity.

    Oh, and GO GREEN...This coming not from a MSU graduate but from an Arkansas graduate. Were you aware we are sister schools? Not many people know...but whatever. We are. Go Spartans - beat those fucking UConn cheaters.

  2. Hog,

    You don't understand the point of a blog then do you?

    Flagellation and pity as the founding parts of any good blog.

    Besides, we have Bingo, Onthewings and Malik to cover the real, actualy parts of the Wings. A2Y and the Triple Deke cover the emotional rollercoster that is this Wings season.

    Chris (One of the A2Y