Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A win and a few milestones

Let me preface this by saying, it may be a rather pathetic post game recap. I know I know, they usually are rambling and pathetic, but none the less, you were forewarned that this one may be particularly brutal. I was slightly distracted by preparing to watch MSU, as well as dealing with some rather weird behavior from my disturbed maltipoo. But here we go....

The first period was essentially similar to what the Wings have been putting out in the first all year. A rather lackadaisical effort. (yes I used the word lackadaisical and I am not 85, leave me alone) What differentiated this was the performance by Chris Osgood! Yes, he came up with some huge key saves all game. After about 2 minutes into the first the shot clock read Buffalo 4, Detroit 0. And I have to give Ozzie credit he performed under the pressure. At the end of the first the shots were 14 to 10 buffalo. Yep that's right, out shot all period.

What other treats did we have in the first? Well apparently it is now perfectly acceptable to high stick Mule in the face and draw blood, directly in the refs line of sight I might add. I can't even imagine how they missed that call. I know I previously mentioned my dislike for continuously complaining about the officiating, so I am just going to assume that they thought Franzen purposely grabbed the stick and smacked himself in the face. We should be thanking them for ignoring Mule's clearly unsportsmanlike behavior. Phew, that feels better right? Just ignore the fact that he required stitches and a shield afterward, or the fact that he let the blood continuously drip down his face in protest like the bad ass he is.

As always the versus announcers didn't disappoint. Two particularly profound statements stand out. First they spent a good 5 minutes fixating on the fact that the Sabers were wearing their magical (their word not mine) black jerseys. Did you know that they were 11 and 3 in those jerseys? Exactly the kind of insight and intelligent statements missing from hockey. Maybe next they can discuss the pixie dust and rays of sunshine used in the trainers room.

As weird as that may have been, after the game, during their recap, they brought out a much more random and puzzling statement. While attempting to describe the overall awesomeness that is Pavel Datsyuk, they compared his dangle dangle moves to something along the lines of tying a cherry stem into a knot while skating past defenders. Now being someone who likes to write about the Wings, I understand it is difficult to describe exactly all that Dats does, but come on. Really you compare what he does on the ice to someone tying a cherry stem into a knot while on skates? I don't even know where to begin with that fuckery. (and sorry but the word fuckery was specifically created for these statements) Not only does it make absolutely zero sense, and completely insult the overall greatness that is Datsyuk, but it further proves the NHL has no business being on Versus. And I am not even going to touch the fact that tying a cherry stem into a knot is usually used to highlight another type of skill, and it doesn't usually involve hockey skates...

Ok off my soap box concerning the mess that is Versus and onto the game. After the first period the Wings played really well. Dare I say they looked like the team from last year? shhhhh I will wait and see but it was wonderful to watch last night. They were physical with everyone from Lidstrom to Datyuk checking hard, they battled in the corners, and seemed to have a sense of urgency all game. Hossa scored two goals making his total 40 this year. When he keeps playing like this a small part of me screams out in agony at the thought of him not being in the winged wheel next year.....

Of course Datsyuk played well and Lidstrom had a great game. St. Nick scored the 4th goal on an open net after a great play by Ericsson holding onto the puck.

Speaking of Ericsson he got into what I guess would be considered a fight. While it ended quickly Ericsson threw most of the punches and it was nice to see him step up and defend his teammates. I am sure his gaggle of fan club members creamed their panties over that one. The fight was a welcome change from watching Samulesson throw punches with his gloves on, which shocking he did again last night. Shut up Don Cherry.....

Before I finish this rambling and sporadic post, yes I admit it, I think it's necessary to comment a bit more about Ozzie. Not only did he come up with big saves throughout the game, he also seemed to be playing father out of the net and positioning himself much better. He also had what I would consider to be one of the plays of the night. On the Wings powerplay, the puck came back down to Ozzie while the Sabers were changing lines, Ozzie read this and quickly played the puck back up ice allowing Stuart to get the first goal. It was a great play.

The one goal the Sabers did get wasn't Osgood's fault. He stopped the initial shot and Chelios let his man walk in completely undefended and Ozzie didn't have a chance. (I am far to exhausted to go into my Chelios rant, but I think Meech should have played over him. In fact I was expecting him to play....) Luckily the Wings held on and had a 4-1 win which now has Osgood tied for 10th overall with Hasek. Congratulations!

Alright, aside from that, this game left me wondering, does Lidstrom ever get bored with his amazing awesomeness? I wonder if it ever gets tiring being Super Swede? hmmmmm well either way it seems as though Super Swede's players only meeting had some short term effects. Here's hoping they are able to maintain them long term.

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  1. I didn't watch the post game wrap up. I think I'm glad that I didn't because I probably wouldn't have died after the cherry tying comment.