Thursday, April 9, 2009

Like a kick to the %@#&# .........

Yes I know this game doesn't mean anything. Yes I know it doesn't matter. And yes it feels a little better that the Blues are wetting their pants as they sleep tonight. But I still hate a loss. I still hate losing to the fricken Predators again. I hate the smug ass look on Jason Arnott's face. And I really really hated seeing the entire Nashville bench jump up and down in victory at Joe Louis Arena. Silly me for thinking the Wings would want to redeem themselves after 2 straight losses to a team fighting for a playoff position. As always, here are my random, hopefully coherent thoughts on the game.

It all seemed to be going well at the beginning. The Wings were controlling the tempo of the game, despite being out shot again in the first. A scary pattern over the last few games. Ozzie had a number of great saves. That was nice to see because earlier this season I was absolutely convinced that my two year old niece could hit a beach ball by Osgood. Right now I remain cautiously optimistic....

You could tell for short stints throughout the game that playoff hockey is around the corner with not only Ozzie picking up his game but the Wings showing they can play a more physical style. Fricken Kopecky had 3 hits in one shift. Kronwall had a nice hit as well.......dare I say the bone crushing beast is back? Perhaps the most shocking physical altercation took place between Dangle Dangle and Fiddler in front of the Nashville net. While in a little scrum Dats punched Fiddler in the face. Yep, shocked? So were they. After the 'punch' they both immediately laughed with Datsyuk rather sheepishly and awkwardly grabbing Fiddlers face. Clearly no one, including Dangle Dangle was expecting that.

On a completely unrelated side note, there is not a word in the English language strong enough to explain my utter hate for the April in the D song. Not only does it make this sound Emmy worthy, but the video also makes me want to gouge out my own eyes. Enough already.

Alright back to the game. Filpula played well. He was fighting hard in the corners and along the boards for the puck. He was really backchecking and carrying the play through the neutral zone. It would be nice to see him shoot a bit more, but overall he played well.

Little Happy had a great game and even saved a goal on one of Ozzie's few break downs. He was in great position on the Wings power play (yeah it was one of those games) and was able to stop the puck after it went through Osgood's five hole.

Franzen had another beautiful goal. He walks right in and shoots a wrist shot by Rinne as if he were a mild inconvenience. Watching Mule on one of his hot streaks is a beautiful thing.

Despite playing well (not great) in the first two periods, and leading by 2 goals, the Wings once again broke down in the third. Well really the last 10 minutes of the third. Lidstrom coughed the puck up and sent a nice backhand pass to a wide open Nashville player. Ozzie never had a chance. Then Kronwall despite a very strong game, took a stupid penalty in the third which allowed the Predators to crash the net with a 6 or 4. Not much you could do was inevitable. Well inevitalbe for this Detroit Red Wings team. It was as though they all threw their hands in the air and said, what the's not the playoffs. Right, but the playoffs are right around the corner...what will be the excuse then?

Nashville tied the game up with a minute left in the first. Pathetically enough, the Wings only registered one shot during overtime and lost during the shoot out. Datsyuk and Zetterberg missed. Zetterbergs was the most pathetic...It was as if they felt it wasn't even necessary to try...their apathy was apparent. While the hunger on the Nashville bench was infectious.

The little bright spot of the shoot out was Happy who was able to score the Wings only goal. The best line came from Mickey during his excitement over Hudlers goal. "That little son of a gun can find the back of the net" Yes he can. And I would be sad to see that Happy little bastard go...

WTF moment of the shoot out came when Babcock tagged Cleary to take the fourth shot? What? Did he switch to straight gin or vodka after the second period? I'm at a loss....please explain.

Random thoughts about the game...Osgood looked pissed going into overtime. And he had every right to be. He played a great game and a few defensive break downs from his team lost it for him. I guess now he knows how they've felt all season.

I really wish someone could break the spell Samulesson has on Babcock. He needs to come off the point on the power play. It's not working. His shot is too erratic and he has a hard time keeping the puck in at the line. An utter waste. Maybe they should parade Ericsson in front of Babcocks office in hopes he will remember his man crush and use Big E on the point.

I have decided that the phrase "Osgood never saw it" is now the one thing which will immediately make me feel nauseous. That and the fact that he seems to be having a difficult time with the five hole. This isn't a an all girls school during their first coed dance, close your damn legs.

Yes I know I haven't mentioned it at this point...I'm too scared, and it will make it all too real, but here we go. Not only did Arnott do enough damage by scoring the tying goal, but he also, gulp, is the reason for Hossa's injury. Yes when Hossa got tangled with that douche bag/donkey dick/ whatever can describe someone who injures (even accidentally) Hossa at this point in the season, he reinjured his groin. No one knows how at this point we can only hope for the best. And since I tend to stress, I don't want to talk about it any more.....

Overall a good 50 minutes wasted, resulting in an overtime loss to blah the Predators. 4 to 3 Nashville. I am not sure what needs to be done at this point to encourage the Wings that it's time to play a full 60 minutes. It's time to keep the intensity up, and it's time to try to build up Ozzie's confidence before we meet the hungry first round opponent. Hopefully the back to back games with Chicago will help. The Blackhawks will be coming to play and we can only cross our fingers that the Wings will too.......

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