Thursday, April 2, 2009

He keeps going and going

and signing whoever he can. Apparently Mule and Holland are close to a deal. Wow, I was beginning to wonder if he was going to be able to sign anyone before the playoffs. While the Wings would be lucky to keep either one of them I was holding out hope for a Hossa signing by this point. I had already choreographed a celebration tap dance face off. But it may need to wait until after the playoffs...or maybe not at all if you want to read into the statement below from Ansar Khan:

"Hossa indicated he wasn't close to a deal, but he was still hopeful something could be worked out either before the end of the season or after the playoffs."

Come on. Couldn't they at least be close? Couldn't Kopecky give him a little smile and wink and encourage him to take whatever Holland puts in front of him? Does the koolaid need to be refreshed?

I don't know but I guess I should be happy that at least they are close to a deal with Mule. Everyone kept commenting on how difficult he was to sign before. But I really think that's because they were offering him a pretty low ball deal and he didn't feel like taking it up the ass. Now that he is more of a priority, he's established on the team, and enjoying living in the area, I thought he may be easier, not as easy as apparently the hooks are on 4th street (thanks Mick) but obviously cheaper and less complicated than maybe Hossa.

Anyway I am still secretly hoping for some time space continuum to open up and either swallow Gary Bitchman's cap or alter the course of the universe and allow Holland to sign Mule, Hossa, Hudler, and lock up Leino. At this point I am not sure which is more probable.

Alright aside from that, Rafalski is still out and will not be back for at least a week. Which is too bad but at least he is getting a break. I know I have been the lone ranger in saying this, but I do think he was tired.

Based on how the Wings practiced the lines should look like this with the exception of Meech in for Chelios. Yeah that hard pit in your stomach is the realization that you will have to watch Meech and Lebda play on the same line. Is it better than Chelios being there or just a different kind of bad? I haven't decided.

Also, I think Cleary is a waste on the fourth line. But lets be honest, despite a few flashes of brilliance the fourth line has pretty much been non existant all year. What the hell did Cleary do to Babcock in order to get stuck there? Put his bra in the freezer again, hand in warm water on the last road trip, steal his complimentary playoff beard and dye it Kris Draper red? Who knows but it must have been nasty and not the good kind of nasty.



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