Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And here come the injuries.....

Ok, so as if I wasn't nervous about the playoffs enough as it is. As if I didn't already feel as though it was necessary to hook a bottle of vodka and tequilla up to an IV and let it drip into my veins just to ease the sickening dread and fear in the pit of my stomach. Oh yes, Red Wing playoff hockey is a thing meant to test nerves and relationships (Despite witnessing this year after year, I think my friends and family, minus my dad, are still shocked by my gut renching reactions to the Red Wings).....and the shit being reported from practice today is not making me feel any better.

Ansar Khan is reporting that Kris Draper will be out for at least the first two games of the Columbus series. Huge hole to fill and a total bitch slap to the face. His leadership, speed, and face off ability, especially on the penalty kill, are sorely needed. I guess this explains the Helm call up a bit more.

Oh and if that's not enough, would you like a kick to the balls as well? You would? Ok then here you go! Apparently Cleary was injured in practiced today by Kronwall. Yep, I guess he has heard the thousands of Wings fans from coast to coast begging him to bring his physical style back for the playoffs. However, Babcock must have failed to remind him to spare his teammates.....Please, please, keep Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Hossa, and Franzen away from Kronwall until the playoffs are done. I don't think Cleary is able to catch a break. Between Samuelsson and now Kronwall he must be wondering who the hell he pissed off in the locker room.

With two forwards down and no additional word on Hossa (I'm holding my breath and I don't even want to fricken talk about that) could we see the return of Ville Leino? A great addition to the fourth line. I like Helm on the third line over Leino simply because of his speed and defensive responsibility. I am not sure anyone has translated the word backchecking for Leino yet, so until he improves that part of his game, let's employ on the fourth line the theory that the best defense is a great offense.....(yes, yes I know most of Hockeytown will disagree, so you can send hate mail to.....)

Will be interesting to see how this all progresses, but these injuries quite frankly feel like this:

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  1. Leino is definitely in:

    ...well unless Cleary wants to play bad enough (which I'm sure he does!)