Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well that answers it

Bruce MacLeod (thank you baby Jesus for bringing him back) is on top of the Wings practice

Apparently Cleary is not practicing with the team, but George at Snapshots said he will be playing on Thursday. The test results on his lower body injury (cough* his knee) showed something but he didn't say what. Playoff hockey is always very riddle me this. He's legitimately injured, can't skate today or choosing not to, but able to play tomorrow? Hmmm time will tell.

Below are the lines they practiced with.




Apparently Hudler was playing with the Finnish contingent, and Samuelsson is on the second line. Damn his mystical hold on Babcock.

They were working extensively on the PP and PK during practice. Shocking right? The PP has become non existent most recently going 0 for 5 against Chicago. With Draper, Cleary (possibly who fricken knows at this point), and Lilja out they're already weak PK will be hurting even more. But you know what would instantly improve the power play? Remove Samulesson and his wayward shot from the point and use Kronwall or Ericsson....or the nearest usher at the Joe...I don't care at this point...anyone should be a marked improvement.

In other Scandinavian news, Bruce noted that the Griffins have shipped Dick Axelsson over from Sweden for an amateur try out. I can only imagine how their playoff out look is with Leino, Ericsson, and Helm all recalled to the Wings....

And are you sitting down for this? Are you ready for the world to end, say your prayers. Apparently Don Cherry had something semi positive to say about the Wings. True he chose one of the two players who are not European, but none the less Ansar Khan had this Cherry quote:

"That's the key, Osgood, because you know they're going to get a lot of goals,'' CBC analyst Don Cherry said. "If the goalie is as hot as he was when they won the Cup, they've got a great shot because he was dynamite. He's taken a lot of abuse, and he's had some tough games, but it looks like he's coming around. And if he comes around, they're going to be tough.''

What a strange year this has been. Cherry had a positive comment about the Wings, Hossa gets in a fight, the BJs and the Blues make it in the playoffs, and the really weird piece, Draper is healthy enough to skate and practice, it's the fricken playoffs, but Babcock still won't let him in the lineup...makes you wonder exactly whats going on.....Gotta love this time of year....right?

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  1. "...but it looks like he's coming around."

    ...alright. What does Don Cherry want?