Friday, April 17, 2009

From Osgood: "Suck it"

And the quote that everyone and their mother is talking about comes courtesy of Chris Osgood. No seriously. My grandma called me to say that Ozzie sounded pissy. Yes he did....and that's a damn good thing. A 'pissy' Ozzie is like a pissed off Homer or Datsyuk. Only good things can come from it.

“I don’t doubt myself ever,” Osgood said. “People that don’t know me do. I’ve played for 15 years. I have the most wins in Red Wings playoff history for a reason, not because I’m a bad goalie."

My other favorite quotes from the recaps today:

First from the guys at The Triple Deke:

"This just dawned on me: it's the Cock series. Babcock vs. Hitchcock. You can tell me that's the dumbest thing I've ever written, but whatever. It's staying. We're up 1-0 in the Cock Cup."

And then Matt from On the Wings summed up the 'officiating' better than I could ever hope to:

"The guy was mugged even more than usual on virtually every shift, but officials who were calling shoves that wouldn’t get elementary school children disciplined turned a blind eye to the stick dents in Homer’s face, neck, back, and legs."

Enjoy the feeling today Wings fans. Tomorrow the stress, over drinking, and involuntary bed wetting begins again. It's playoff hockey.

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