Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is it Thursday yet??

It feels like Sunday was sooooo long ago. Maybe this break wouldn't be so bad if the Wings had won, or had played a great game on Sunday.....but instead I am excited and also dreading their match up on Thursday against the Blues.

Obviously not much new to report that hasn't already been said.

Apparently Lilja will be out for the remainder of the regular season, which does not bode well for his playoffs. Too bad especially since he has been playing...gulp...well this season. I know, I know I am eating all the nasty things I said about him last year and all the insults that I hurled at anyone who hopelessly tried to defend him. You think after all of these years I would just bow down to the greatness that is Kenny Holland and assume he is keeping each particular player for some evil master plan. I don't know what pact he made but the man seems to know things and see things no one else in world who knows...maybe Kopecky will be the next Franzen. The possibilities are endless with the puppet master.

Alright lets see.....apparently ConkBlock is starting on Thursday. Damn....who knows what is going to happen in the playoffs. Tough decisions for Holland and Babcock as they try to balance keeping Ozzie and the team confident as well as keeping Conklin in physical and mental shape in the event that he will need to step up in the playoffs. Could we have another Cam Ward situation here? Obviously not exactly the same thing but his time spent in the playoffs is about as relevant...yes scary isn't.

The girls at Hockeytown Static have a nice write up about the Wings and the exhibition game they will play in Sweden.

And last but not least....oh yes this rambling worthless piece of junk post gets something a little special for all the Wing's fans out there. Everyone's been down in the dumps, just a bit, so here's a little song to cheer you up. I have no idea what the fuck he's saying, but I'm told this is a common song....common to whom...I'm not sure.

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  1. Remember back in November when you almost jumped off a cliff because I told you I was starting to like Lilja this season???