Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wings, Wild- Bff vs Bff

Detroit plays Minnesota tomorrow afternoon, or really freaking early for those of us out west.

I guess the big news about this would be Marian Hossa's BFF Marian Gaborik will be back. Awww very cute same name. I am sure everyone has heard those rumors going around about Gaborik and Hossa wanting to be a package deal next year. (yeah whoever started that rumor, nice try) This may be the one time where Bitchman's salary cap is ok with me. Gaborik needs to step away and remember Hossa wants to be a Wing. Maybe Kopecky will need to call an emergency sleep over and pillow fight to make sure Hossa remembers he wants to stay in Detroit.

Anywho, Gaborik has come back from his hip surgery, wrist injury, broken baby pinky, stubbed toe, back issues, sprained ankle, etc. etc. I know I know you have to feel bad for him and the Wild, he's been injured A LOT.

Hossa had this to say about his friend "He's got a quick shot and he's a superstar." True and Koivu will be back so the Wings have a challenge on their hands. Will they be ready? Will Lidstrom's impassioned players only meeting work? Will Babcock's ringing endorsement and all around confidence as Ozzie for playoff starter translate to the rest of the team? I guess I'll find out early tomorrow morning. Until then all I can do is sit in the fetal position and anxiously wait to see if all of this plus the line shake ups will make a difference.

So I leave you with this. I think BOTH Daniels and Mickey were going to bust a nut over this penalty.


  1. "you will notice that my writing skills are a bit 'weak.' But hopefully my colorful language will offset that... Maybe someone other than my dad, the reason for my Red Wing addiction, will find this blog either interesting, informative, or at least cause you to have a Mickey Redmond inspired giggle....Thanks for visiting"

    I dig what you're doing, JB, and your writing skills aren't weak. You write as yourself instead of trying to force out a style that you may think would please somebody else, and individuality, honest opinions, and a conversational tone are what count.

  2. Thanks Georgeums, I certainly appreciate all the kinda words! :)