Friday, April 10, 2009

The aftermath

Ansar Khan has an update from Friday's practice regarding the kick to the balls that is Hossa's injury. The good news. The MRI did not reveal any tearing in his groin. The bad news. He's only hopeful that he will be ready for game one of the playoffs.

Apparently Holland is lobbying for a Thursday start since the Wings played 3 games in 4 days at the end of the season.....this would also allow Hossa to have some additional recovery time. Hmmmmm something helpful for the Wings?? Bitchman and his evil conspiring minions using their brain to make decisions....not likely.

Khan also revealed the lines they were practicing with:



Conklin (starting Saturday)
Osgood (starting Sunday)

I know Hudler played well last night, but I'm not necessarily thrilled with him on the first line. He never seems to perform well in that role. I am sure Babcock will have a short leash on him and the slightest hint of under performance and he'll lose his top spot. (maybe even to Samuelsson) I would rather see Franzen on the first line with Dats and Homer, but that would leave a rather pathetic second line. Especially with how Cleary has been playing as of late. So I suppose the options at this point in the season are limited to well....this. Sure to be an interesting weekend.

As expected Conklin will give Ozzie a rest before the playoffs and start on Saturday. Osgood on Sunday. Go Wings.

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  1. Just read the Datsyuk interview on Puck Daddy so I wanted to share my favorite parts with you:

    1)Q "Who do you think will win the Art Ross trophy?"
    A "And what's that?"
    Q "A prize for the most points in the league."
    A "Then it is obvious. Art Ross trophy will take someone who will score the most points."

    2)"Are you my enemy? Did you call to jinx me?"

    3) "And the Detroit Red Wings as the organization is so great. Your heart is happy every morning when you come to work."

    4) "He said what he said. It is his job to light the fire of passion in fans. And actually you have to look at it all differently. I was shown on TV once again! That's cool! Whether they talk good or bad about me, it is still exposure. Thank you, Don Cherry, for promoting me."

    5) "Nicklas's knees are also shaking. He has his left knee shaking, and I have my right knee."

    6) "Osgood is with us and helped us win at least two cups in 1998 and in 2008. For this already he deserves respect."

    What a guy, what a guy!