Thursday, April 9, 2009

Only in Nashville

I like to compare, some, not all Nashville hockey fans to your creepy little cousin who would sit in the corner at family functions, pick his nose and either a) eat the boogers himself, or b) feed them to your dog. It was weird, it didn't make since, and no one wanted to say anything because I suppose it could be worse. At least he wasn't peeing in the back yard again....yeah very weird, don't ask.

Maybe I should clarify. I am specifically referring to the fans who scream and shout but have absolutely no idea what a boarding call really means. Yes trust me they're out there. The intelligent fans down south, I feel for you, I remove you from this equation. Trust me I understand what it is like to be surrounded by large numbers of drunken fans who have absolutely no idea what is going on. I live in Phoenix. So I guess the word large is a bit misleading. The last game I went to some women threatened to kick my ass while at the same time complaining the Wings had too many men on the ice. I counted there were she was either mathematically challenged or really confused...

Anyway I digress, whats new. Tonight of course the Wings play in Nashville. And then its the Blackhawks and the Blackhawks. I am sure Bitchman is working with a witch doctor and a voodoo doll to ensure the Wings lose. They already fucked up his precious Winter Classic. At least he made them pay for that with the All Star cluster.

So sit back and enjoy the below Nashville half time show. Yep the fans are playing musical chairs on ice. At least someone was smart enough to give them helmets....Apparently the mascot got in on the action. I know the video quality isn't great and the guy running the camera has the shakes worse then a meth addict, but does it not look like someone shoved a broom stick up the mascots ass? I don't know I get low budget but that looks odd. Also, please keep an eye on number 11. He is going to win this shit or he really will take a broom to that bizarre predator....

Oh and this is sick.

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