Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here we go

Alright, It's here. Are you ready? Do you feel the excitement, the nervous energy? Do you smell the copious amounts of alcohol while at the same time hearing the simultaneous popping of anxiety pill bottles? Oh it's here whether you're ready or not. Game one, round one, and in the immortal words of Scotty Bowman "the first round is the most dangerous."

At this point, everyones making their predictions. Maggie the Monkey from TSN spun her wheel of torture and determined that the Wings will lose in round one. Fuck. Oh I know this isn't scientific but during spring, during this time of the year, I read and eat everything up in hopes of calming my nerves. That or I'm a masochist and love to torture myself anticipating which Detroit Red Wings team will take the ice.

My favorite nonsensical prediction comes courtesy of Puck Daddy and his tarot card reading friend Deborah. She predicts the Wings beat Columbus and had this to say about the Stanley Cup winner.

"I was drawn to four teams, the color red was significant and the team has (or had) a royal history in the sport (I saw the crown as a symbol). The winning team is very confident and can't wait to gloat when they do win.I don't know what this means but I also saw the possibility of two home arenas for the winning teams, for example -- a new one being built or the close proximity to each other.

Lastly, I saw an angel watching over this team, someone significant to this team has crossed over."

Yes she did in fact decipher this as New Jersey, go figure, but it also seems to line up with the Wings. Think about it. Royal history (enough said), confidence (even in Ozzie), the Ilitches must resign the lease this summer to the Joe or think about rebuilding, and obviously not making light of this at all but, Mrs. Howe passed away. The only thing that really doesn't fit is the wanting to gloat, that's just not the Wings style.

I know, I know bizarre logic but is anyone really sane during this time of year?

Since I hate to be one to complain, oh what the hell, I bitch and yell like a five year old all the time so whats new, but is it asking too much to get an update on Hossa? Does everyone just prefer to not ask any questions with an unpleasant answer? Or do they like to torture us?

Well, whether Hossa is 100% or not, our sanity will be fully tested tonight. The playoffs started yesterday and there has already been one upset, the Rangers beating the Caps....let's hope the only upset tonight comes from the Ducks decimating the Sharks.

So we're here, lets hope the Wings are ready. I'm hoping Kronwall comes out like an absolute beast and hits everything in a BJ jersey. If they happen to cry for their mommy then so be it. I hope Ozzie continues to improve his play and gives the big middle finger once again to all the smug hockey commentators questioning him. Here's to Zetterberg coming back in Conn Smythe form, and personally making Nash his bitch just like he did to Crosby and Malkin last year.

Helm's back, Ericssons up, and they're ready to make a name for themselves, again, with this Wings organization. Push the button Kenny, they're ready. It's Red Wings playoff Hockey, so here we go.

A little something from Ozzie to, well everyone

Side note; not already a Datsyuk fan, read the interview with Mitch Albom. Oh I know he is usually candid and open, but this may melt a cold heart, including mine. Enjoy.

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