Friday, April 3, 2009

Odds, Ends, and Datsyuk

Well really Dats could be the odd of that equation but I love that dangle dangle little bastard so much I think he deserves his own heading. If I were Datsyuk I would walk around every day thinking "Bitch please. I'm Pavel freaking Datsyuk, you better step off" Not sure why but it just seems to make sense.

So while searching around the web, my sister found this clip of Datsyuk. If you listed REALLY and I mean REALLY listen closely you can hear someone in the background help dats out by singing some Mika. Pin is convinced this is Zetterberg, don't ask me how she can tell that, it's a bit freaky. But anyway dangle dangle seems to enjoy it and bobs around to the music. yeah please don't ever dance on camera, or maybe do.....

There has been just a little talk about the Wings goaltending issues. No problem....please no more worries, climb back in the window and close it....I have a solution!

Apparently in the Griffins game tonight Abdelkadar made a sweet glove save on an open net. (It still counted as a goal since he used is glove) but non the less pretty bad ass. Since the chances of him playing for the Wings in the playoffs are about as high as Hudler actually being his listed height, maybe he can break into the line up as the goalie.....after the 8-0 and 8-2 games would it be any worse? I'm just hoping someone will post it on youtube.

Finally Puck Daddy had a nice write up about Johan 'I score because that's what I do' Franzen's amazing goal on Thursday. It's titled Video: Red Wings' Johan Franzen Supermans that goal. hmmmm I'm not even going to go into what those song lyrics mean but non the less it couldn't work any better in that title. For a few reasons.....

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  1. The fact that they listen to Mika makes me incredibly happy. I came back from France and everyone (including Y.O.U.) made fun of me for liking him. Now Pavel freaking Datsyuk likes Mika?! LEGIT!