Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Need a little distraction from the panic?

Bob Wojnowski takes a deeper look at Detroit's own Happy Hudler. Wonder who decided to give Hudler the nickname Huggy Bear? Very cutesy....of all the Wings players makes me wonder which one came up with that???.... Anyway it's a great article on Happy, the Wings relaxed locker room, and the playoffs.

Nothing earth shattering, but a nice distraction from the nausea and panic I'm sure you're feeling right about now....
"I just like to laugh -- it keeps me loose, keeps me happy. I don't see any reason why I gotta be grumpy or miserable, you know? I wake up every morning and can't wait to get in the room, go on the ice, work hard, talk to the guys. When I first got here I was surprised, no superstars, they're nice, it was just amazing to me."

Hmmmm interesting comparison....not sure I see it....two more hours....

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