Friday, May 1, 2009

And so it begins.....

It is sooo on, on like donkey kong....the break has felt like 85 years and I am in desperate need to watch a Wings game. I'm twitching like a strung out meth addict over here. But while I wait, I have to sit here and feel the terror, nervousness, and fear that accompany Red Wings playoff games. Will they come out to play, will they make it out with all necessary body parts fully in tact, will the Wings take advantage of Hiller's ridiculous rebounds, and will Ozzie be set and in playoff form?? So many unanswered questions. A few more hours and the alcohol which is supposed to numb these feelings will actually only magnify them...a bizarre side effect, but it's the playoffs right?

George over at Snapshots had a few quotes from around the OC:

"Holmstrom at times gets away with a lot more than most players do," Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said. "He's probably the guy that has the most penalties called against him for goaltender interference. It seems that (Johan) Franzen and now (Tomas) Kopecky are following that lead of trying to get in front of the net and be effective."

Ahhh so he had decided to follow page one from Hitchcock and Therrien's bitch books. Complain to the officials and Bitchman about Homer's ass and the Wings constant interference, and perhaps your all around goonish behavior will be overlooked....alright just suck it. This pathetic gamesmanship has minimal effects on the Wings. It disgusts me to even have to bring this crap up again.

And of course had some more shit to talk about the Wings:

Again, another factor that was listed here before the San Jose series, but it applies again. We have a saying up in our area of the press box every time a call or no-call doesn't go the Ducks' way: What are we playing Detroit? It sounds a bit whiny, I'll admit, but time and again when the Ducks and Wings go at it, the calls seem to lead in favor of the boys in red. Let's hope the four officials on the ice manage to find some balance in this series.

Whiny? Oh no no no. Don't be silly. You don't sound whiny, you sound like a bitter little bitch who has no respect for his superiors. Calls don't go your way? Oh I'm sorry please explain which rule book your following. Fighting, elbows to the head, slashing, high sticking, and general douchness are all penalty inducing offenses. It is absolutely hilarious that the Anaheim media are claiming they don't deserve penalties.....jaded much? But ok we do agree on one thing...I hope the officials call the game as it should be, Detroit's PP will make your Duckies pay.

And finally, everyones favorite caveman had this to say:

"Both teams have a lot of pride," Pronger said. "Both teams play hard. When you have two teams like that, tempers flare."

Yes the Wings have pride, as they should....If the Duck's have pride...shameful. There is absolutely nothing respectful about how the majority of that team plays.

Ok so as Anonymous noted that I left Perry out of my slightly inappropriate I hate the Ducks rant. That’s true I did, I felt as though enough venom and hatred was spit out for one day. What can I say I’m just trying to do my part to make the world a better place. So I guess today will be the perfect opportunity to relay my utter disgust for Corey Perry. Oh that’s right, he is fast becoming Pronger’s little bitch clone when it comes to cheap shots and general ass hole play. While his elbows are not quite the pinnacle of evil as Prongers are, he is certainly working to get them there. I had previously referred to Chris as a ‘cum rag’ and so I guess the only really appropriate thing to call Perry would be a ‘cum bucket.’ Now wait, give me a sec to explain. While both are utterly vial a rag can simply be thrown under the bed long forgotten until your pet finds it and prances around the house with it in its mouth at a family function….where as the bucket, you may at least have to buy dinner……but don’t worry Perry is on his way to rag distinction…please note his handy work below for the necessary proof.

I don't know about you, but I'm scared...

And I completely forgot about this....

Ahhhh the epitome of sportsmanship

At the 1 minute mark, Pronger shed a prideful tear.....

Uhhh now I'm all pissed off again. This is exactly the type of behavior which makes this series so frightening. injuries will be a constant threat, and the refs for once will have to consistently call this crap, and make sure the game is played whistle to whistle. The Wings are every bit as physical as the Ducks are dirty, and this will make a difference.

Detroit can roll 3, 4 lines and certainly outmatch the Ducks offensively. I also truly believe that Detroits blue line is underrated in this series. And yes I am aware how weird that sounds with Lidstrom back there....But they also have Kronwall and Stuart with the big hits and yet great positioning, Lebda with his speed, and Johnny Ericsson, enough said.

But after I finish trying to be positive Polly, reality sets it. Is it just me or does Hiller remind anyone else of J. s......of fuck I'm stopping right there. I won't even tempt fate and finish typing that because I'm not Ken Daniels. I will however be up front. This kid is not Steve Mason. The BJs equipment manager had to clean out his goalie pants after every intermission. It won't be the same for Hiller. Nash and Hitchcock are relative teddy bears waiting to tuck you in at night with a glass of warm milk compared to the veteran team presence Hiller you really want to screw things up for Pronger and Niedermayer? Do you think Randy Carlyle will powder his ass and make him feel better? Oh no, Hiller's ready. Little playoff virgin Steve Mason, he wasn't. The Wings chance to defeat him lies with 2 big Swedish asses and throw in a New Foundland ass for good measure....damn, now someone needs to clean out my goalie pants...

While the league is busy wetting themselves over the Ovechkin/Crosby match up, we'll be watching an epic series, true we'll be nauseated and curled on the floor in the fetal position, but that's what makes this so great isn't it? A few more hours, ready?

Let's Go Wings.

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  1. Awesome post! Let's GO WINGS! I'm so nervous already.