Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Musings

And it's only Monday...things are sloooowwww....but here's a bit from the Wings morning practice.

According to Ansar Khan: Zetterberg has the flu and didn't practice on Monday. Luckily they have a couple days off....I just hope it didn't spread to anyone else.

"We shouldn't give Hank any days off,'' coach Mike Babcock said. "You give him a day off and he gets sick sometimes.''

And, yep you guessed it, Draper once again practiced and said he feels great....just waiting for 'clearance' from the doctors.

Well Matt from On the Wings, yes someone with actual legitimacy, had this to say about the Draper situation.

My guess is it’ll take a loss to get him back in the lineup, no matter when he’s cleared. It doesn’t seem likely they’ll mess with a winning combination, even if Draper could help out big time in the faceoff department.

I think I need to come up with some really cool name for this top secret situation....something like Operation Find Ginger Beard or something...I don't know it's Monday give me some time to think about it....but I will say this whole situation is becoming stranger with each passing day. The typical conspiracy theorists have been there from the beginning saying this is Babcock's way of benching him, but common sense says they need Draper for the faceoffs (just look at the Columbus series) and I do believe Maltby would be more likely to be benched in favor of Helm and Draper....And yet as Matt points out, do you want to mess with a winning combination and put someone cold into the line up???? I Don't know...I still think Helm would be fine on the wing and would much rather bench Maltby. I guess time will tell.

Line of the day comes courtesy of George over at Snapshots:

The Red Wings don't out-hit you or out-intimidate you--they out-compete you, and rob you of your will to do the same.

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