Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Crap

(Update: George Malik is reporting that Franzen's contract is front loaded with a total cap hit of 3.9 million dollars. Apparently there is a no trade clause for the first 5 or 6 years. Which certainly makes since due to his desire to remain a Wing for life. Congrats to Franzen and the Red Wing organization. Now go get Hossa!)

I've never really understood that expression, but it seems to apply here; both to the picture and to the news. Despite Holland's previous assertion that he is not fond of many long term deals, TSN is reporting that he has locked the Mule into an 11 year deal.

No further details as far as the cap hit and overall salary break down were provided. But Holland had this to say:

"We are thrilled that Johan will remain a member of the Detroit Red Wings," general manager Ken Holland said in a media release. "His production over the past year and a half, both regular season and playoffs, has been remarkable and we feel, at 29 years old, that he is just now entering the prime of his career."
Exciting news from Detroit this morning. It will be great to see Mule a Red Wing for a long time, and I'm really happy Holland was able to get him locked up before the playoffs.

More details to come.

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