Sunday, April 19, 2009

“He just used me like pony”

Ok so I will admit it. Not only did I insist that my sister send me game updates yesterday, but I also fervently checked the score on my Blackberry. And then despite knowing the score I still came home and watched the game late at night. I think my fiance is concerned for my sanity and wondering exactly whats wrong with me. I also believe that I may have frightened a fellow Wings fan at the Culinary Festival yesterday. So I apologize. He was wearing a Wings t-shirt so far be it for me to assume he was a fan. But when I yelled out the score to him he seemed confused. And then my friends pulled me aside to let me know that not everyone is as crazy as me........ouch.

Let me start out by saying that everyone came to the game today in top form. As scared as I was for what schizophrenic Wings team I would see, that fear could not have been more unnecessary. Even Larry Murphy seemed to be off his mood elevators and ready for the playoffs.

And that Ken Holland experiment in net from Thursday night, well apparently he was so pleased with his creation that he brought him back. Again I hate to say too much in fear that he will leave, but the man in net had a great night again. My dad actually txt me saying that "Ozzie was seeing beach balls all night." And at first that scared the crap out of me as I had previously stated this season that I was sure my 2 year old niece could hit a beach ball by him....yeah sorry about that. But apparently he was so on during his 4-0 shut out, that the puck looked as harmless as a beach ball. Great game by Ozzie. And have we heard the crowd chant his name so loud and so much before?? Playoff win number 61 for him.

I'd also like to ask is there anyone who takes more of a beating throughout a game than Holmstrom? Not just all the cross checking and punches in front of the Columbus net, but also in the corners and in front of his own net. The mans an absolute machine and non stop. Dats should be nominated for the Selke and the Hart, Lidstrom for the Norris, and if there were an award for constantly getting the crap beat out of you.....would anyone other than Homer even be nominated?

Speaking of a machine, Hossa had a great game. Watching him all season we saw how strong he was....but with the playoffs here he's taken it to another level. At one point he was driving down to the Columbus net, one hand on his stick controlling the puck, while his other hand was pushing three Columbus players off of him. It's like he was Brett Michaels and a pack of retired cougar hookers were frantically chasing him, but he didn't seem to notice. During games like this it makes me sad to think he may not be with the Wings next year.....

There has been a lot of talk from a number of people, including myself, about Zetterberg's off year. Well like the anomaly in net, he's put the regular season behind him and is back in form during the first couple games of the playoffs. Not only did he have a beautiful goal (after Mule distracted 2 BJ players away) but he was strong on the puck all night, fighting in the corners, and had a great defensive game against Nash's line.

The Wings also brought their physical game again. It is absolutely shocking to me that people still call Detroit a soft team...and that other teams still think they can push them around. Obviously Dangle Dangle brought out his physical side (much more on that later), but so did everyone else. Kopecky had 3 big hits I can remember by the end of the second. And Helm, was not only a speedy little bastard causing the BJs some issues, but he also started throwing his body around. I hope they find a way to keep him in the lineup when Draper is back *cough Maltby*

Ok so on to the first goal. After his less than impressive first game performance, Rafalski came out and scored the Wings opening, and game winning goal. While a nice shot, it would not have happened without the Wings favorite Swedish ass standing firmly in front of Mason. I cannot even stress how important it is to have a player like Homer when you have such a big goalie like mason.

In fact, Homer's ass played a part in Dangle Dangle's goal. After the beast that is Marian Hossa fakes a shot and passes to a surprisingly open Datsyuk, Homer was once again firmly planted in front of Mason. By the third period Mason's composure was beginning to deteriorate and he took a few punches to Homer.....which is bad for Homer but great for the Wings....It means they are really getting to him.

I think it's also important to point out the play of Ericsson and Filppula. So this is Ericsson's first taste at the Stanley Cup playoffs right? That's what everyone keeps saying but his composure and confidence is that of a seasoned veteran....He jumps in the play when necessary, can stick handle, and is really improving his overall positioning. It will be great to get to watch him develop all next season. Filppula is also making his third line a continuous threat. He's doing all the necessary things, stealing the puck in the neutral zone, backchecking and playing hard in the corners. Happy and Fil have really developed a chemistry which is evident with Hudler's two playoff goals.

Ok this recap has become incredibly long...and if for some strange reason, you're still reading...sorry. I'll move on to the more serious aspects of the game.

What the hell was Voracek thinking by grabbing two sticks. I thought Mickey was going to head down to the ice and take care of Voracek himself. I understand the BJs felt desperate during the game, but after bitching about the Wings cheating...doesn't this seem a bit more hypocritical? Two sticks covering two separate lanes seems like more of an advantage than the Wings "jumping in on the face off." My other favorite part of this incident, was the minor bitch fight between Ken and Larry regarding the interpretation of the rules. You know you have turned into a couple of middle school girls when Mickey becomes the voice of reason. I don't know, I think Voracek should have known better....although Hitchcock may ask Bitchman if they can use this tactic against the Wings for the next few games just to make things even. It's the playoffs nothing would surprise me at this point.

In addition to the two stick attempt, you could also tell they were becoming frustrated. Chimera had a dirty hit on Kronwall in the third...and we're just lucky he was ok. Commodore seemed to be the worst offender and his repeated punches to Homer after the whistle earned him a 10 minute game misconduct. Wait Don Cherry, I thought only Europeans hit with their gloves on??? I'm confused. Commodore is the definition of a donkey dick.

And finally, the only thing that really should have been posted in this game recap, the Datsyuk/Vermette incident. That's right. Dats plays hard, fights for a lose puck in front of Mason, and apparently according to Vermette this is an offense equal to punching a puppy or sleeping with his sister and never calling.....because he decided to ride him to the ice like a jail house bitch. That's right, he bent him over and hopped on top without even buying poor little Dats a drink....and the best part about this, is the quote from Dangle Dangle. This may be the greatest thing ever uttered by a hockey player...

“He just used me like pony,” Datsyuk said. “He was on top of me. I don’t like being the pony. I want to be on top.”

I certainly appreciate the PG reference, but I think he used him more like a hooker from the Bunny Ranch.....Vermette has now become my enemy number one.

Overall, it was a great effort from the Wings. They came out and put together a full 60 minute effort. Not something we have been able to say often. I just hope they continue on this pace. When they go to Columbus, the crowd will be a factor and the BJs will be looking to redeem themselves. Hitchcock will have more line changes and calls to the league for help. Today I will watch the Ducks Sharks game feeling good about the Wings. Not quite sure how they got to this place, how they can play like this after everyone insisted there is no such thing as a playoff switch. This team seems to never stop amazing me. We're lucky to be fans.

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  1. You're up awfully early!

    I'm fairly confident that the IS the best quote ever uttered from a hockey player's mouth. I literally laughed out loud in the middle of the library. People were kind of mad at me. Well worth it.

    Let me know how the Ducks/Sharks game goes!