Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's only Wednesday

Update: Ansar Khan reports that the reason for Lilja's lingering headaches is a bleeding vein. The news is not only disappointing but frightening as well. Lilja stated they could go in and attempt to stitch it up, but that carries obvious risks. He of course will not be ready for the start of the playoffs. Sending positive vibes and all the best.

Wings play tomorrow, playoffs are 3 games away, and I am a ball of stress, excitement, and anticipation. hmmmmm what could I possibly compare it to? Nothing. Absolutely nothing equates to Red Wings playoff hockey.

So in order to distract myself, I've been reading everything and anything I can....

Let's see. First up Ansar Khan is reporting that news on the Lilja front is not promising. Apparently he had an MRI on Monday and is awaiting the results. The headaches are still there and as Brad Stuart said, it took him 6 months to recover from his concussion....

There are only a few things that I allow to really tug at the heart strings; a beautiful pair of perfect Jimmy Choo shoes (shut up, I'm a girl), repeatedly watching the Colorado Avalanche fail and stumble, and reveal themselves for the bitches they are, and of course Red Wing playoff hockey where the fans stress but secretly have utter confidence in their potential. Thanks Chief for the write up. lists 6 captains who have had an impact on their team this season. Lidstrom is listed but his write up is pretty much mention of his players only meeting which hopefully drug the rest of the team around the corner or any of his other accomplishments this year. But at least the Wings Super Swede was included.

The Chief is on fire today with another great find on the epitome of class , Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch.

Yesterday I mentioned how bizare and confusing I found the comparison of Datsyuk's skills to that of tying a cherry stem in a knot. I thought this may be one of the worst analogies I have heard during all of my years watching hockey. But then I found this video. Yep, those are the Plymouth Whalers, and yes he did just compare the coverage to smothering them with a bloody blanket...WTF. mmmhmmmm I'm speechless and that never happens....

And just so you know, an update on the goal of the year now has Franzen listed in last place. Apparently my cry for help back fired.....similar to Diddy's 'vote or die' conundrum.

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  1. I'm sending positive vibes for Lilja and your Jimmy Choo shoes. If I had a job, I'd buy them for you as part of my Maid of Honor duty.

    BTW: My opportunity to see the Stanley Cup on Friday is the only thing getting me through this week!


    P.S. I've voted for Franzen's goal at least 30 times since yesterday. Apparently I'm bad luck.