Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's duck hunting season

I guess it's time for the Wings to clean up and finish what the perennial choke artists were unable and unwilling to do. That's right, as everyone knows, it's the Ducks. Late last night I had a bitter sweet feeling. You know like after maybe a little bit too much fun the night before, and you get that sickening feeling in your stomach....if you throw up, you'll feel better, but do you really want to have to do that? That's exactly what last night was like. Watching the Sharks lose in the first round after they were touted as the next coming of the hockey god, the Stanley Cup winners, the team to push Detroit off their pedestal, it was great to watch them fall....we all knew once again we would watch them choke, but it felt particularly good to have it happen in the first round. Enjoy the golf course Joe. I'm sure Boston is not so sad to see you gone......But once my gloating and laughter subsided, the reality that the Wings would be up against the Ducks set in.

I said Mason and Nash scared me due to their skill level and the strange ability they had to bend the Wings over in the regular season. Well Pronger and Niedermayer scare me too, because quite frankly I enjoy seeing all the Wings with their heads firmly attached to their necks. And despite that douche bags assertion that it's "law of physics." The Dicks (sorry miss type but it works so I'm keeping it) are a dirty nasty bunch....and not in a fun way.

The anxiety and the stress were there in the first round. I felt it creeping up and settling in the pit of my stomach...but after game 2...after the ridiculous performance by the man in net, the stress subsided a bit, oh it was there, but not as strong. Well this series, not only will I be consistently worried about the all around dumb ass that is Pronger and his legion of goons, but they're also a pretty skilled team.

From Snapshots:

"We are not an eighth seed," said defenseman Ryan Whitney. "Everyone in here knows that, and now everyone else sees it too."

Exactly. I just hope the Wings come back healthy and rested and ready for the Ducks. The complacency from game 4 can't come back. Just use the Sharks as an example. If Lidstrom and Zetterberg can work their crazy Swedish magic and shut down the Getzlaf line, and if Dangle Dangle can make Pronger look the fool he is, theoretically the Wings should be fine...skill wise, it's not a question who should win, is it?

But I see two potential issues. The first being the head hunting, thug wannabe antics of the Duck's blue line. After the league used Brashear as an 'example' one would assume that type of behavior won't be tolerated. But this is the Wings and the Ducks in the playoffs and Bitchman has been notoriously quiet on this front. The other potential road block walks hand and hand with Pronger's one remaining brain cell....if the Ducks play Dick hockey, then there will be some injuries....we now just have to hope and stress they won't be too severe and I honestly don't even want to speculate about Osgood at this point....not sure my stomach can take it.

The good news, we know the Wings have a switch and can use it if they want. The really good news, despite Anaheim repeatedly punching their much more skilled oponent, San Jose in the man hood, and the fact that they'll do the same to the Wings, Detroit has players like Lidstrom and Dangle Dangle. Players with heart, who know what it takes to win...as opposed to I don't know, Joe Thornton...

And as the Chief points out we have a set of young players ready to prove themselves and ready to make Pronger cry and rock back and fourth like the giant bitch that he is.

Chrissy Pronger? Let me introduce you to Darren Helm. The fastest bastard on the ice and he’s going to hit you like a frigging miniature sledgehammer. Again and again Sasquatch. He’s not going to knock you out but he’s going to whittle you down one little brain cell at a time.

Helm lead the team in hits last series and if Pronger takes exception, good luck catching that speedy little bastard...and as Hitchock and the BJs learned the hard way, Detroit isn't intimated by physical play, they don't back down. In fact they thrive and step it up. Just ask Umberger about Stuart, ask anyone about Detroit's own 6'5'' Swedish beast.

The Wings can compete, I just hope they're ready. I absolutely love watching big stupid men hang their heads in shame, and cry. The Wings did it to Columbus, now it's time to do it to my western neighbors...

As Cleary said:

"I love this time of year," Cleary said. "I love watching and seeing how much people want it. "Seeing the arenas and the fans, it's just a different level in every which way. It's the excitement and how much is on the line. It's not easy closing out a team. You really are taking away their biggest dream. I love the competitive part of it."

Now if they are all ready to crush dreams the same way Cleary is...it should be a fun series, despite watching it curled up in a pathetic and embarrassing ball.

It's the Wings first true challenge of the post season, and it's time for the redemption.

Are you ready? Go Wings!

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