Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Round-up

Is it the second round yet? Thursday seems like 8 years ago, and their next game won't be until Thursday or Friday of this week. Definitely miss Red Wing hockey.

But I guess this has allowed me to catch up on some of the other games since then....Well the Rangers choked....yet again. Lundquist was pulled..yet again. Different day same story with them. Today was the Rangers game seven, and I think it's safe to say they Washington should advance. Dammit. Would have loved to see Ovechkin and his butt buddy Mike Green knocked out in the first round. For some reason whenever I say or type Green's name I feel like singing "Mike Jones" hmmmm

Anaheim also choked on their own expectations on Saturday allowing the series to go on to a game 6. Tisk Tisk. They really need to close this series out on Monday before Marleau and Thornton pull their heads out and find the remaining missing portions of their game. I can only imagine seeing the Sharks knocked out of the first round would feel like Christmas morning.

The Wings had a much deserved day off on Friday with a Saturday practice. The good news from Saturday, Osgood made it through the entire practice. Always a good sign. Now if he can turn into super human, dream crushing form....the Wings should be call set.

Snapshots with this quote:

Chris Osgood had a bit of a hip twinge in Game 4, but is also out at practice, which is clearly a good sign. He could easily have taken the day off, since the Wings won't resume playing until late next week, probably Thursday.

I talked to Osgood after practice, and he said he "felt fine." Now, players are hesitant this time of year, of course, to divulge anything so much as a hangnail, but to reiterate: Osgood could very easily have gotten Saturday off. The fact he went through the whole practice speaks volumes.

And apparently Cleary can practice for now, but will need to rest between game days. Hopefully this continues to work for him like it did in the first series.

Because of the long layoff, forward Dan Cleary practiced Saturday. Once they get back into playing games every other day, though, Cleary said there's a good chance he won't skate on the non-game days because of a "lower-body" injury.

And how could you possibly have a weekend round up with out the bitch fit, temper tantrum, and all around hypocritical act of favorite part is he just benched Avery for not keeping his cool....I'd be scared to see him completely lose his shit.

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  1. After watching the Rangers-Caps and Devils-Hurricanes games tonight, Dad and I decided that we really ARE spoiled as Red Wings fans. The Rangers-Caps game was dreadfully boring.