Saturday, April 18, 2009

Game 2, Wings, BJs

Are you ready for game 2? Ready for the Wings to be consistently called for "cheating on the faceoff?" (be prepared for some 5 on 3 situations folks) I know I'm prepared for more ridunkulous penalties called against the Wings. Maybe they have decided to just outfit Homer in metal armour to protect him from the many cross checks he'll incur. The Wings should also wrap Osgood in bubble wrap since he will be consistently run by the Columbus forwards. May I just suggest that you bolt anything down, or move anything away from you that could be thrown at the tv in anger. This includes remotes, beverages, food, and loved ones.

Unfortunately I will not get to see the game live. That's right. I hate Saturday games since I always seem to have to DVR them. But while I'm out enjoying the 80 degree Scottsdale weather at the Culinary Festival, I am pretty sure I will have to give my Blackberry to my friends so I'm not consistently checking the score. I'm far to nervous for what the results will be.

I'm just hoping who or what was in goal on Thursday shows up again today. That's right, I'm absolutely convinced that it wasn't Ozzie in net, but instead some strange experiment directly from the lab of Ken Holland. It's his latest science project he was saving for this type of situation and he simply just slapped a Chris Osgood mask on....who knows I'm not picky! Just bring him back.

Enjoy the game tonight. If the Wings come out playing like they did on Thursday it should be a hell of a game to watch.

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