Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alright Biatches who wants some BJs?

Wings lost to Chicago...again. Yep it completely sucked. I guess they exited the season the same way they went in.. I don't want to talk about it, but George Malik has a nice write up, which basically summarizes the whole event.

Ok so on to the playoffs. Wish I could say that with a bit more conviction and enthusiasm. It's Columbus in the first round. Gulp. Steve mason scares me. Yes he's been the nemesis of the Wings all season long, well him and Rick Nash, and of course they have to be on the same team.

I feel torn. I'm not sure who would be worse, the Ducks or the BJs. At least with Columbus the travel will not be so bad, and the Ducks have been playing some great hockey lately so who knows but here we go. I'll have to think more about this.
Overall a tough hockey weekend. The Wings lost twice and my little sister rubs in the fact that she got to see the Stanley Cup. Oh that's right. She went to the Griffins game and waited in line for 3 hours to have her pic taken. We normally don't have the whole sibling rivalry/jealousy thing. But this time.....maybe. She knew I was wishing I could be there so she took her picture and pasted me onto it. A nice thought right? Too bad it's obvious I wasn't actually present with the cup. Ahhhh you're lucky I love you pin. But I do appreciate the picture, except for my arm creepily entering his stomach....


  1. The look on the dude's face is hilarious.

  2. He is either incredibly constipated or clenching a fart...I haven't quite decided...but none the less a classic expression.

  3. Three hours? That's rough. We only had to wait about one. I'm shocked we even made it though the line though because when they announced that they were taking the Cup for the on-ice ceremony, I honestly thought there would be a riot.

  4. Yeah 3 hours seems brutal and since I have the attention span of a 5 year old, I am sure it would have been difficult for me. I think she said they were one of the last people to get their picture taken before the on ice ceremony. Mostly because her friend, who the creepy picture of me is covering, decided she was done waiting. :)