Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ah ha....found the solution

Alright, is it Thursday yet? This feels like the longest week ever. But at least the Wings play tomorrow.

Apparently over at Puck Daddy they hate the new Red Wings slogan..."The Beards are Back." Can't say that I am jumping up and down super excited about it. But it is better than the clever marketing I am repeatedly exposed to here in Phoenix. Let's see the latest advertising brain child of the Phoenix Coyote's marketing and promotion department included 80's night. And no they did not mean Wayne Gretzky's super full and flowy mullet.

Also at this point in the Puck Daddy blog they decided to discuss the issues Detroit is facing with their goaltending....really the Wings are having goalie issues....lets see of the 24 years I have been alive I have NEVER heard this before. But it did get me thinking about what the reason for these issues may be..and then it hit me! (yes I like exclamation marks) Little Happy isn't doing his Hudler cluck with Ozzie anymore...or somehow the ritual has become tainted...I don't know. But some one needs to reverse this shit and bring it back immediately...who knows at this point it may be the only thing to help. (I realize this was a crazy statement but the playoffs are coming up so it's time to get's all I got, I don't have a beard)

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