Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rock the vote

Ok you have two missions on this hump day. And please, don't even begin to claim you don't have time. If you have stumbled upon this blog, then you clearly have been searching around the web and have time for these tasks.

First and foremost, head on over to The Triple Deke to cast your vote for the 2009 NHL MVP. What? Did you really think there would be other options? If so then I may have another word for you and it's not as nice as douche but rhymes with brother trucker. Thanks in advance for the vote!

Second, please go to to vote for the goal of the year. Detroit's very own Johan Franzen has been nominated for his goal against the Canadians. In case you forgot, this is the goal where Datsyuk shifts from his own body into Franzen's so Mule cannot only embarrass the goalie, but also two or three defensemen. Ahhhhh Red Wing hockey.

Yes I know Mule could have been nominated at least twice for goal of the year. His superman that ho, excuse me superman that goal, could certainly be a contender.

But sadly enough, while doing my civic duty and voting for our friendly Swede, I noticed Franzen was in second to last place. So come on lets at least get a strong showing.

However, there was something that surprised me a bit more. Since Ovechkin's goal has already been deemed by the media to be the goal of the century, the goal of a life time, and very possibly the second coming, I assumed he would be in first......but you know what happens when you assume. Apparently TJ Oshies goal is strongly in first. hmmmmm I bet Sidney Crosby is having a little giggle about this over his fruity pebbles and chocolate milk this morning....

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