Monday, April 13, 2009

Ready for playoff hockey?

More importantly are the Wings ready for some playoff hockey? I said before Steve Mason, Ken Hitchcock, Rick Nash, and well really the entire BJs roster scares the crap out of me. That's right. Finding out our first round match up was the BJs elicited a stomach turning and vomit inducing response similar to showing a college freshman their free health clinic test results. But at least theres a cream for that......what's Babcocks cure for the shitty and half hearted play we have watched the Wings exhibit the second half of the season? I hope he has something magical up his sleeve. Something that will allow Chris Osgood to continue on his path to redemption, something that will convince Zetterberg to come out and play each and every night, something that will bring out the physical play of Kronwall, and a promise that 2008 playoff Mule is set and ready to go.

Read anything from the Columbus media. Read any quotes from Hitchcock and he is already employing Scotty Bowman mind control and manipulation 101. He's feeding his players exactly what they need to succeed...and they're asking for seconds. How bout the Wings?

Yes I know they have the history, the understanding, and the skill to win another cup. They've been there and done that. But do they have the passion and desire? Or are they secretly planning their summers back in Sweden or booking their tee times? Everyone has been saying all season there is no switch to flip when playoff time comes. They're either ready or they're not. While that's probably true I am secretly hoping that in addition to all of Holland's other tricks and skills, he has a switch located in his office just for teams like this. Please switch that shit on.....they're ready for it.

I really hate to panic and sound irrationally scared, or rationally whatever....but to be honest my morning is already turned upside down.

George over at Snapshots, tends to be the beacon of light in our dark panicked Wings world. He tends to calm the storm and convince us to take the rope off our when he sounds slightly concerned....when it's not all rainbows and sunshine shooting out of his posts........what am I supposed to think?

Well I guess we will see which Wings team comes to play on Thursday. We know which BJs will be coming....

No. 2 Detroit Red Wings vs. No. 7 Columbus Blue Jackets

Thursday, April 16 7 p.m. Columbus at Detroit VERSUS, TSN
Saturday, April 18 6 p.m. Columbus at Detroit TSN
Tuesday, April 21 7 p.m. Detroit at Columbus TSN
Thursday, April 23 7 p.m. Detroit at Columbus TSN
*Saturday, April 25 7 p.m. Columbus at Detroit VERSUS, TSN
*Monday, April 27 TBD Detroit at Columbus TSN
*Wednesday, April 29 TBD Columbus at Detroit VERSUS, TSN

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  1. The games BETTER be on FSN also. If not, I'm dropping out of school (yes, it is the final week of classes and finals are next week) and moving to mom and dad's so I can watch PLAYOFF HOCKEY.