Monday, August 31, 2009

And I'm back

Well I'm back. But while I was gone apparently a million differently dramatic situations have took place. There seemed to be more drama than at an all girls high school cheer camp. Let's see where shall I begin.

I guess we can start with the fact that Jiri Hudler is worth over 3 million dollars a season in the NHL. Well yes, and after a night of excessive drinking I piss gold and diamonds. To me both scenarios are about as likely....Did they even take into account his lack of production and Houdini like disappearance in the last two rounds of the guess is they didn't. Chances are I'm being a bitter bitch but Hudler, I would be happy to never see him in a Wings jersey again. After he spends his time in Moscow, makes his money, and then decides maybe the grass is greener in the NHL, I hope Holland and Illitch banish him to Tampa Bay....And now the IIHF is refusing to grant him a transfer card, which apparently means that when he inevitably plays in the KHL he should technically not be allowed to play in the Olympics...messy, dramatic, and seemly neverending. This drama should be turned into it's own soap opera on ESPN, or maybe more appropriately Versus.

Anyway, I've since decided to move on. Put Hudler and his goofy shit eating grin behind me and focus on the future of the Wings. That's right, when you take a month and a half off from blogging you really don't have the right to complain about things that happened during your hiatus.

I think everything has been said that needs to be said about Holland signing Eaves, Jason “I’d rather rot away in mediocrity in Columbus” Williams and Todd “I have more baggage than a jilted lover” Bertuzzi. Not much more to add there. I'm not thrilled about either signing but I will choose to bite my tongue. However the first time Williams fails to hold the puck in at the blue line you will probably witness a bitchfest greater than Patrick Kane in a Buffalo taxi cab. Oh and wasn't that just a delightful event...

I'll be back with more later, specifically with a season preview of sorts. Because despite the drama, and the free agent signings, there is a butt load (never understood that phrase) of things to be excited about in the upcoming season, including the melding of the Wings core and the young players ready to prove themselves during an entire NHL campaign on their way to reclaiming the Stanley Cup.

I've been super busy participating in the Wings Blogger Round table and another roundtable which I'll post my answers to on Thursday so expect the season preview later today or tomorrow.

Thank the hockey gods training camp starts soon....I'm officially in hockey withdrawal.