Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Odds and Ends

Despite his recent foray into untimely hits injuring his teammates, Kronwall's play has really picked up as of late. This is certainly a positive on the brink of the playoffs. CBC has a nice article on his turnaround and future as a Wing.

And Speaking of Kronwall, the Chief posted a picture of the hit that has apparently injured Cleary. It sucks he's hurt but the picture is kinda funny. It would seem as though Kronwall is attempting to nibble on Cleary's neck, but he's having none of it. In the background, Mule has an 'oh fuck' look on his face....wait, that's how he always looks....and even farther back Homer looks like he's over this shit....

But in all seriousness, by looking at the picture his knee looks jacked up....I'm guessing that's probably what his mysterious injury entails......But if you've read the Dave Dye article regarding injuries and the playoffs....maybe Cleary will be back for game 1.

I haven't really heard anything too concrete about Leino coming up from the AHL. Some say yes, some say who knows. I haven't seen anything on the AHL wire....

Bruce MacLeod is back bitches. I suppose I can recall the search dogs. And of course he doesn't disappoint. He posted a great interview with dangle dangle.

"Both have nice people, hard-working people," said Datsyuk. "Detroit is like my city. Hard-working city, industrial."With this notable exception: "Lots of people walk back home. Not so much here," said Datsyuk.

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  1. "Leino is definitely in:

    ...well unless Cleary wants to play bad enough (which I'm sure he does!)"


    Bruce MacLeod said Cleary wasn't at the practice in the beginning and that Leino was practicing on the 3rd line, with Huds and Flip.


    P.S. the AHL wire SUCKS...they don't have Helm up yet