Friday, April 17, 2009

Get off your knees ref, you're blowing the game

Oh that statement makes sense on multiple levels. Although I will argue that they weren't really blowing anything for the BJs. Yes I know, even too dirty for me.... Apparently the whistle only came out for the phantom calls against the Wings. Of the penalties for the Wings in the first, the Brian, did the playoffs actually start, Rafalski high stick was the only really really legitimate call. Everything else seemed like the leagues attempt at assisting their Cinderella story. And I really actually hate crazy conspiracy theories, but what are you supposed to think? Hossa can get taken down on a breakaway, nothing, Homer repeatedly crossed checked in front of both nets, no problem, Helm is actually being held but he gets the call, yep that's right, but heaven forbid the Wings play the body on Columbus......enough I'm done with my crazy rant, you get the point. Moving on.

So the Wings won, and while that should be a relief, it actually has made me a bit more nervous about what to expect on Saturday. I'll say it. I'm afraid this 4-1 win will cause the Wings to become complacent and forget how formidable the BJs are. It's scares me because it seems like the perfect opportunity for a second game loss. But if they play their game. If they controll the tempo like they did in the last to periods of yesterdays game then I will personally take my words back and shut the F up. And if that person who was in goal for the Wings last night comes back again....well then there will be a lot of people needing to STFU.

Ok so I am a superstitious person. Say what you will but as a girl I can't grow a beard, and I feel like my company would look down on the string bracelet idea, so I thrive on my superstitions, it keeps me sane...despite what my fiance may say....My favorite current ritual is wearing my 'Feed the Mule' t-shirt during games. If the Wings win, I don't wash it, if they lose I do wash it, simple but effective enough for me. Also in my bag of crazy, I am very careful not to jinx can call me the polar opposite of Ken Daniels who seems to have a knack for this. So I am not going to talk about Ozzie. I will just stick to my position that I hope Ozzie continues on his path to redemption. I will also say that I made note of his first big save, because that used to seem to be noteworthy....I then lost track. But that's it, no more, no less. I will just refer to the picture and caption from this post and say God damn Ozzie God damn...and sorry....

Let's see what else, more than one person text me or called me during the game to let me know that Datsyuk seemed pissed in the first....ummmm really? What gave you that idea? The fact that he turned into Kronwall incarnated and was playing the body like he was 6'3''! He was ready for the playoffs and I'm sure his energy was infectious for everyone else.

Unfortunately living in Phoenix, I only got the Versus feed. So I was subjected to their bull shit analysis over and over while my sister txt me the much more meaningful comments from Mickey when necessary. Let's see, Mickey's point "Columbus is playing on the edge all game and getting away from it." While Versus, debated the fact that every time Columbus did actually get an interference call against them, it was really Ozzie's fault because he sold the call....I guess they didn't see him getting run all night.

Happy scored the first goal for the Wings off a beautiful play from Kronwall and Filpula. I think his excitement proved even more why he should be called Happy....

The other big goal of the game came from....wait for it, wait for it, sit down, breathe, and count to 10....yep that's right. Johathan Fricken Ericsson scored his first playoff goal. Apparently he is capable of scoring against someone other than the Edmonton Oilers! Immediately after his goal, a friend of mine (yes there are a few of them who actually follow the Wings) text me with this little gem referring to the overall man love for Big E; "Wow there will be man crush exploding all over Michigan tonight!" Ummmm WTF. I thought that usually happened with...oh nevermind...I'm going to assume he just meant more and more fans were learning to appreciate Big E....otherwise.....ewwwww and gross.

Mule and Kronwall scored the other two goals for the Wings. Which was nice to see, they were shooting and making opportunities from everywhere on the ice. When two defensemen score from the point, it's clear that the Wings were getting the right kind of traffic in front of the net. On both the Kronwall and Ericsson goals there was a big Swedish ass planted in front of their arch nemesis Steve Mason....

After a sketchy first period where a man who will remain nameless stood on his fricken head and kept the Wings in the game, Detroit came out the next two periods and completely controlled the tempo. It was amazing....that switch everyone said didn't exist...I guess Holland, in addition to everything else, found a way to create it because it was turned all the way up. Not only did they have a great game from their top players, Datsyuk enough said, Lidstrom completely shutting down Nash over and over again, 2008 Mule was back, and Hossa despite missing the open net seemed set on winning the Stanley Cup in the first round. But they also had great games from the their third and fourth line players. Filpula was forechecking and making plays to Happy all night, just as I thought Helm's speed was an issue for Columbus, and shocker of the night, Maltby came to play. He wanted to show Babcock that when Drapers back, he shouldn't be sitting. Ahhhh this game was enough to give you chills!

I was afraid before the game started and after the first that I may need to put on my Red Wings marketing playoff beard to hopefully disguise myself at work as a new employee who is yet to learn the benefits of waxing...but luckily with the effort displayed and executed last night that won't be the case.

As much as the Wings in the playoffs can scare the crap out of me and make me want to wet my pants while curled up in a fetal position, they can also come out and play like they did last night. It was a beautiful thing....From Maltby to Datsyuk to that freak of a man in net, the team came to play. They came to show why they are the premier team in the NHL. What more can you say?
I will reserve greater enthusiasm until I see it happen again. But Jesus if they continue like out... I would love to have them tell Nash to take his bad bounces and shove them up his ass....but we will see. So until then...Let's Go Red Wings.

If that's not a fuck off face....I'm not sure what is.

Oh and not to be a total bitch, but Ducks 2 Sharks 0. Here's hoping for a long and ass kicking series...

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