Monday, March 30, 2009

I don't really want to talk about it

Seriously. Again. I decided not to panic after the loss to the Islanders, I thought, no big deal, end of the season, Wings actually started to play in the third, poor puck luck...blahblahblah. But to do it again...against a team that had played less than 24 hrs before. Really, are you kidding me??

I am sure near and far people will be calling for Chris Osgood's head. But really, I don't blame Ozzie for last nights loss. One goal, sure he could have stopped, but I can deal with a bad goal or two a game. The Wings have never really put their money or faith into goaltending and with the offensive talent they have on the team, this should be nothing to overcome.

I blame the rest of the team for this loss...with maybe the exception of Lidstrom, Franzen, Datsyuk. It's as though no one has come to play. Whether it's the first period or the third they seem incapable of putting together a solid 60 minute effort. They are underestimating their opponents and assuming they don't have to play hard to win. That's where their thinking is flawed. True, if Detroit is playing their typical puck possession game, and they are on, as an elite team of the NHL they should be able to win these games. But when they decide to just rely on their talent and forgo the hard work which must accompany it, they we have games like Friday and Sunday. Where far inferior teams are able to beat them.

It's easy to simply point the finger at Osgood and blame him for all of the teams problems. How about we look at the defense. The last two games they have either been completely screening Osgood or failing to remember their defensive responsibilities and allowing their opponents shots on open goals completely undefended. Or how about the fact that Stuart has decided he is no longer the reliable stay at home defensemen he has been his entire career, and will pinch in at any opportunity he has, leading to odd man rushes and/or Kronwall back on his own...which is scary enough this season. Not to mention I would be immensely happy never seeing Chelios play for the Wings again....

Or if you're fine with the defense, lets take a look at the Wings offensive production. All season they have been able to overcome spotty goaltending and poor defensive play by their ability to find the back of the net....not recently. Which to me may be the most disturbing portion. According to Ansar Khan, they have only converted on the powerplay 3 of their last 33 chances. REALLY??? In the new NHL it is vital they take advantage of these opportunities. Lets see, I would also like to know what the hell is going on with Hossa?? He has been essentially rendered useless recently. (interestingly, Mule and Hossa seem to go through their slumps at different times) My final rant on the forwards, Detroit's game plan is to shoot, shoot, shoot, with as much traffic in the front of the net as possible. Well they have been shooting from the outside, but no one has been up front to capitalize. It's as though everyone has taken a page from the Samulesson's guide to dumb ass shots and are excited just to get it on net right on the goalies chest...yes thanks guys, great target practice.

Alright I'm done with my rant. I thought I would wait until Monday to post thinking I would be less annoyed and in a better mood...but apparently that wasn't the case. Wing's don't play until Thursday...good thing they are getting a nice long break after all of their hard work this weekend.

At least MSU didn't disappoint, and they're headed to the Final Four. Nice to watch a game this weekend where people played with passion....

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