Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who's the Dirtiest Little Bitch?

And I don't mean in a good, fun way....

Why it's Chris Pronger of course. Now some people have emailed me and made mention that I'm perhaps a bit too hard on this donkey sperm....I mean gentlemen. Sorry, I keep getting confused. But apparently Wing's fans aren't the only ones who think Pronger is a waste of a brain cell....the other players in the NHL do as well.

Helene St. James has an article detailing the voting of 324 NHL players on their opinion of the dirtiest players.

Drum roll please......

Congratulations to Steve Ott and Chris Pronger for taking top honors.

Here is Pronger's response to the allegations...I mean award:

“That’s their prerogative,” he said, adding that it didn’t surprise him he won. “There’s always a lot of whining out on the ice,” he said.

Wow, first of all I have to say I am shocked he even knows what the word prerogative means....Ask him to spell it. My guess, he learned it from that horrible Bobby Brown song or the uber catchy Britney Spears remake. You know he just loves that shit. No way he's improving his cave man vocabulary from reading or writing poetry.

I also love that he complains that there is a great deal of whining on the ice. Dammit, he's showing his stupidity again. Moaning in agony as your head is split open and your lying on the ice with blood pouring down your face (ala Homer) is not whining you nasty little turd nugget, it's a typical human response to pain...not that you would understand anything remotely human.

And when asked about Detroit's own little warrior, he had this to say:

While talking to Pronger about the Wings’ power play, I asked him if Tomas Holmstrom was the toughest he’d faced in front of the net because of Holmstrom’s ability to position himself legally.
“Legally? Oh, now we’re going to talk legally? Don’t start with me on legally. You just called me the dirtiest player in the league and now we’re going to talk legally? Legally?
“I wouldn’t say legally. That’s probably not a good analogy.

Wow, just wow. Unfuckingbelieveable. He must have some big balls to be making statements about legal play. I mean seriously like bowling balls. That's absolutely shocking to me. In his tiny little pea brain, cross checks, punches, slashes, HEAD SHOTS, and all around thuggery is legal, while standing outside of the crease is preposterous.

Now to all those thinking I am too harsh on Pronger, he did also say this about Homer:

“Guys that do that job, it’s not an easy job. It takes a lot of courage.”

Ok I just jammed a pencil into my temple so if I stop posting I'm at the doctor.....did I just agree with the King of used Douches about something? Damn. It certainly does take a great deal of courage for Homer to stand in front of the Ducks net with the stick wielding head huntsman Pronger close by.

Congratulations ass:


  1. Jeebus, Sasquatch's an even bigger douche when he speaks. Clearly, the mouth precedes before his brain (or whatever he's calling it these days).

  2. JB, I just came in here to pay my respects for implying that there's a good type of ditry little bitch.

    A line like that earns you instant respect.