Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ok, I'm back, I think

So calling me bitchy this morning may be the biggest understatement ever uttered since Chris Pronger was first called dirty. But I think I've finally washed off the funk. True it took peroxide, rubbing alcohol and antibacterial soap to get it all off, but I'm back. What got me to this point? Well, my sister called concerned about my sanity, my dog hid from me underneath a pile of laundry, the guys at the Triple Deke rightfully pointed out that I lost my mind, and the co-worker who usually harasses me about the Red Wings, flipped a bitch and turned the other way when he saw me coming. So my attitude must have been pretty bad since I'm not a very imposing person.

It sucked, I'm still pissed about it, but now it's time to hope for the best and focus on the positive.

The Wings tend to play best with their backs to the walls, when they have an uphill battle and they really want to kick some ass.

During the third period there were glimpses of Red Wing hockey. On the goal that shall not be mentioned, it was exactly the type of hard work, garbage goal, the Wings tend to come up with. Maybe this finally pushed them over the hump and they've realized its time to stop playing on the outside and work their way in. Franzen finally began to keep his ass firmly in place.

Datsyuk had some moments of brilliance and I think he is just beginning to break out. Zetterbergs all around performance was very improved as well. The diving poke check seems to stick out in my mind.

Ozzie was simply amazing. Can't say enough...all things considered it looked like he was going to steal the game for them.

The players seem frustrated. Forgot where I read it, but Franzen through a bitchfit and mule kicked the door open to rush past reporters......Now we can only hope a red faced angry as hell Mule will be as beneficial as a grumpy Homer.

This game the Ducks played most like the Ducks (barring the first period). They let the Wings control the tempo and resorted to their typical thuggery. At the same time, this seemed to be Detroit's least duckesqe game. They eventually stopped trying to just hit and focused on cycling the puck. You could tell Anaheim was frustrated at the end with the Pronger and Getzlaf reactions.

Just need to hope that Detroit harnesses their frustration and energy and comes ready to play at the first whistle, or intent to whistle...whatever.

And finally, I don't know why but this Mrs. Maltby jersey foul from Puck Daddy really made me laugh. As a girl I've never understood the whole bizarre puck bunny thing, so the fact that a middle age women makes a Mrs. Maltby jersey is just inexplicable. And really, if you are a puck bunny, out of everyone, Matlby?

Breathing, meditation, and the promise of a great happy hour have turned my day around....I recommend it.

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