Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How many more hours

What the hell is going on today? First Hiller says something that doesn't make me want to completely punch him in the mouth...and then Barry Melrose says this about Detroit's system:

"They teach them to pay a price," Melrose said. "They teach them to be a Red Wing. It's the right formula, and every team should do it, but no other teams do it because they don't have patience.
"When a kid comes into Detroit, he is brought into this system and to a group of players that demand he does everything right -- play hard every night, the team comes first, you have to respect the jersey, you have to respect the team, and the group always comes first.
"Guys like (Kris) Draper, Maltby, (Jiri) Hudler and (Johan) Franzen, those guys will teach the next group what it means to be Red Wings."
What does the Wings blueprint yield? Melrose says the best team in hockey.

From the Detroit News, Babcock isn't worried about any lingering effects of the triple over time game. And who are we to disagree....

"I'm not worried about any of them," Mike Babcock said. "We had to kick Stuie off the ice today."

Stuart has been playing great this series. (and in order not to jinx him I both knocked on wood and rubbed a lucky rabbits foot) Sometimes I forget he was picked 2nd overall...but he's certainly stepped up for the Wings with both Rafalski and Lilja out. He wants number 12 badly...

From Snapshots Hossa had this to say:

"We have to keep pushing and stay patient, keep grinding in their zone and keep getting to the net."

The key tonight is to be all over Hiller. Homer's ass, Franzen's ass, and Cleary's ass need to become permanently acquainted with Hiller's face. So close that he gets pink eye. I want to see him sweating like a whore in church.
Sigh. I'm spent so nervous. I was going to give a count down but then I almost threw up and decided that everyone other than Chris Pronger can do the countdown on their own anyway...
Caption this picture: How does that smell bitch?!


  1. "im in ur space, blocking ur sites"


  2. "So close that he gets pink eye. I want to see him sweating like a whore in church."

    OK, so you made up for your first post of the day with this gem. As for crazy cheap seats at Wings/Yotes games - I was sitting right behind Bryz when Franzen scored the game tying goal with like 17 seconds to go in the first meeting this season. Glad I didn't go to the second one though.

  3. "I fart in your general direction"


  4. Holmstrom: I've fahrted Svedish meetbahls een ja fahce, Heelahr. Hahahaha!!!! Coch Bahbcahk (wat a fahnny name Bahbcahk - lyk pooting hees beeg deeck in yor ear ahnd then peeing! Hahahaha!) sez I hav big beyutiful bunghole to show you, Heelahr. Hahahaha!

    Hiller: That's disgusting but I kinda like it. Like Swiss cheese mama makes back home in Switzerland.