Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jump in with both feet

Quite a day to have to really buckle down at work. I feel like I missed so much. So here we go.

The series hasn't even started and already the Wings are counted out. That's alright I'll take it. I think they will perform just fine as the underdogs. I had a hard time finding an article from the media where they weren't wetting their panties over the Penguins. Is this a rematch of last year? I guess technically yes it is. But it certainly isn't the same. The Penguins have a very different, stronger roster, and much more experience as well. Yes, the whole discussion on experience can be cliche, but after watching the Chicago series, I think we saw it's validity.

And yet despite their strengths, and the roll that both Crosby and Malkin are on, it's important to point out the level of competition they faced. It would be polite to say that Washington and Carolina were a bit sparse in the defensive department. I'm still convinced that Mike Green being nominated for the Norris Trophy is some sick fucked up joke that completely backfired. Make him a winger and then perhaps we could talk about his "greatness." Until then I'd rather have Lidstrom taking care of Crosby and Malkin. Carolina, as I said it before, essentially consisted of Ward and Staal. And both seemed to disappear in the Conference Finals. I'm not discounting the Penguins, there is no denying they are a great team, and like EVERY other team the Wings have faced, they scare the shit out of me. But the Finals are going to be incredibly different than what they have experienced so far.

Malkin said they know Detroit and aren't scared because essentially their the same team as before. I disagree. Yes, now Hossa is a part of the team, but there are other players they're ignoring. Darren Helm has come into his own this playoff run. Yes he's fast, he checks, and apparently he's a beast on the PK, but he also provides much needed energy and offensive opportunities after a long season and long playoff run. Ericsson has stepped up and played like a seasoned veteran. He had a rough Chicago series (and by rough I mean not up to his usually high standards) but now that we know his health situation, perhaps that can be explained. Filppula has filled in admirably for Datsyuk, but even before he had developed great chemistry with Hudler and Samuelsson. Often times they were the best line on the ice. And Lebda last night was a great surprise. When needed he stepped up. Sure many of the players are the same, but there are new guys and they have all developed and improved. I think overall Pittsburgh and the media are underestimating Detroit's will and desire to keep what's theirs. If Detroit can get healthy I think this series will certainly be fun to watch.

Which brings me to this. Holland said today that Lidstrom should be good to go on Saturday. Damn, I hope he's right. I honestly cannot handle sitting and watching Chelios play 10 minutes again. Because seriously ever time he touches the puck, something bad happens. EVERY TIME. If that happens again I will honestly contemplate stabbing out my eyes with a dull object. Sigh. Anyway Holland also said that Datsyuk and Ericsson will be a game day decision. As everyone knows earlier this year Lilja had his appendix removed on Wednesday and played on the 6'5'' power Swede may make it back. I'm working on my karma to do my part, don't worry. Now onto some good news about Datsyuk. Dave, who apparently somehow stumbled upon this blog, sent myself and other bloggers the following email:

Hey all! I'm a big fan of each and everyone of your blogs (TTD, A2Y, OtW & BingoBango) and you're really the only source of reading I do based on hockey. Anyways, I'll get to the point of this email and not only is it a cool experience for me but it's some good news I heard along the way. I work at Outback Steakhouse in Canton, MI. The ex-girlfriend, who is still a good friend of mine, also works at the Canton location. Mandy, my ex, is dating the owner of the Novi location where her sister also works.

So, on to the point. I just get a call from Mandy (again, my ex, for those of you who can't keep up) and she is sitting at Novi Outbacks bar. Oddly enough, she is calling me to tell me that just a few feet away is Pavel Datsyuk and her sister is waiting on him. So of course the first thing I want is an autograph. So I can clearly hear them talking back and forth, they got some pictures to with Pav. After it finally sets in I immediately have her ask Pav when he'll be back.

He says his foot is getting better and hopefully it'll be Saturday but chances are he will be back Sunday without fail.

Obviously you all might find this either bullshit or just some heresay which I totally agree. Maybe it was Pavel just being a typical cliche hockey player.
To me, it was the best news I could hear! Nowing Lids and Ericcson will be back Saturday and now having Pav back by Sunday at the latest has just brought my spirits right back up.
With a fully healthy team, the Pens are going down.
Soon as I get the pictures I'll try and send them over so you guys know I'm not just B.S.'ing ya


-Dave Bida

Well not that my opinion matters, but I believe you Dave. I was hoping he would be back for Game 1. But deep down I knew I was just setting myself up for heartache and disappointment. Deep down I knew my one attempt at positive thinking would be tossed back at me and smack me ridiculously hard right in the stomach causing me to either vomit or spend hours trying to catch my breath. Now if Datsyuk isn't playing some fucked up joke on everyone, I will be looking forward to seeing him on Sunday. However next time I'm visiting my family in Novi, I may just have to eat at Outback. Thanks for sending this along Dave. Nice scoop....I think you and your friends got more information than the media. I'm rather jealous.

Ok so I usually read other fans blogs during the regular season and even more so during the playoffs. However before I really jumped into the Penguin's blogs, I heard everyone talking about the shit that was spewed over at thepensblog. Apparently they find it humorous to joke about life altering, career ending, family tragedies. Now here at Bango I say a lot of carp. I make stupid crude jokes laced with sexual references and language which would make a grown man blush. But there is a line, and they easily jumped over it. I don't want to talk about it or give my take because it's too offensive and raises my blood pressure far too much. I'll just say it is beyond classless, it instead shows their utter disregard for humanity and more specifically Konstantinov's family. Disgusting. And you know what I think the Penguin organization would agree. Head over to WTF Holland where Kyle has a great take. Well done Kyle and far kinder than I could ever hope to be.

More updates tomorrow.

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