Saturday, May 16, 2009

Western Conference Finals, Game 1

Wow, so two days and I feel like I've missed so very much. While freezing my ass off in Michigan, I guess these would be the latest stories:

Firstly, apparently the Duck's organization is classy from the top down. Bob Murray decided that in all his anger over the Duck's loss, his greatest recourse would be to hit a 55 year old women in the chest with a bar stool....oooooook....his great was a misunderstanding. Classic. Why did I not think of this shit when I was growing up. Sorry mom, I didn't mean to do was just a misunderstanding. Sorry I wasn't speeding it was a misunderstanding. And no I wasn't shit faced drunk dancing and making a fool of myself, it was a misunderstanding. I'm just so glad I'm done having to discuss the Ducks.

Secondly, Babcock is working his mind control and using his psychic abilities to get the Wings ready for the young Hawks. Khan is reporting that Babcock in all his crazy wisdom (I don't even try to understand what he does, I'm not worthy) was practicing with Abdelkader, Datsyuk, and Hossa on a line together. You know what Mike, I don't fucking care at this point. You and your crazy magic, just do it, we're all just here to watch in amazement. However, my favorite part from Saturday's practice would be the fact that he is using his notes from psych 101 to once again find Homer's A game. He has decided he will use Cleary on the power play and on a line with Zetterberg and Franzen and demote Homer.

The best part about all of this, and I never want it to change, it works every single time for Holmstrom. He immediately gets all sorts of pissed off, practices more, and throws a bitch fit on the ice in the form of torturing some poor unsuspecting goalie with his giant ass. Babcock uses Homer like a cheap whore......and it eventually works out perfectly. I'm just waiting for both him and Datsyuk to have a breakout series.

So of course I am going to miss the first game of the series. Stop, don't rub it in. My dad has already "jokingly" told me he is dropping me off at the airport early so he can make it back for the game in time. And I guess when I miss my flight because I am sitting at some bar in Metro Airport watching the game my boss will have to no, I jest, I'll DVR the game and watch it later on Sunday, but it fucking sucks and it's totally breaking my routine.

Finally, just a few quick notes about the series. (and I apologize, I am well aware this is the worst post ever, but I completely suck and don't know when to shut the fuck up or delete worthless posts, so this will be over quicker than the Sharks playoff hopes, I promise.)

The Wings absolutely cannot take the Hawk's lightly. Despite the fact that most of the players can't get into a bar after 9pm without a chaperon over the age of 25, they're determined, fast, and play with a reckless abandon that makes them as frightening as the results of a college students free health clinic tests.

Joel Quenneville is a smart coach but an ass hole of a person, and I will probably have worse things to say about him than I did Carlyle by the end of the series....oh just wait!

Nikolai Khabibulin while not overtly impressive during the regular season, has gotten the Hawks through both Calgary and Vancouver. The regular season is behind everyone now and the Wing's cannot overlook his talent and ability to turn it on when necessary.

Special teams will be at the forefront of the series. Both teams have a potent powerplay, and Detroit's penalty kill (if you ignore their ridunkulous effort on the 5 on 3s) still leaves something to be desired. If the Wings can dominate on both the power play and shut the Hawks down with their penalty kill, ok I'll state the obvious, the Wings will be in a great position. Maybe Babcock and Datsyuk should just convince Zetterberg that every penalty kill is a 5 0n 3 situation and he will be able to kill it off with just Stuart.

What may be the most frustrating part about this series is the Wings could dominate the Hawks, but ONLY if they chose to play their game. If they come out with the passion, heart, and determination necessary to get to the Stanley Cup finals, their talent, hard work , and puck possession should carry them on, leaving Kane and Toews literally crying for their mommy's, no really they may still need to be burped after they eat, I'm not sure. The problem is, within each series this year, they have had a game or two where the effort wasn't there. It's one thing to lose based on being beat by a superior opponent, it's another issue entirely when you simply bring your C game and expect a positive result.

Either way, two original 6 teams in the Western Conference Finals and it promises to be a hell of a series. The Hawks and their fans seem to have some serious hate for the Wings. Which is cute. I feel like I'm in the Brady Bunch and they're Jan....can't wait for the Wings to make them cry Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, into their pillows.

I'll have much more either Sunday night or Monday morning. And it should be much better than this lame post. Until then, I'll be scaring the fellow passengers on my flight when I wake up mid sleep with one of my patent night terrors wondering anxiously if the Wings won or not.

Until then, Let's Go Wings!

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  1. Habby is old and wangs should have no problem winning the series even thou I'm both a hugh CHicago born chicago guy and WANGS FAN This team is on the brink if they only had a goalie