Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Round Up

This will be short, sweet, and to the point for once. Despite a few margaritas and a day of celebrating Cinco de Mayo, the thought of tomorrows looming game has made me far to sick to my stomach to say anything half way relevant. But here we go...

Firstly that little fucking chicken shit Brown will not be suspended by the league. Gary Bitchman stopped jacking off to his worn out Sidney Crosby in a speedo picture long enough to hear that the hit took place on a European Red Wing player and he has now determined that their heads are not as important as those of Canadian players. No comment was made by the league. I suppose their actions speak louder anyway.... Not sure how they can justify this. Some of my non hockey fan friends saw a replay of the hit and were shocked a suspension didn't follow. But I guess they still get confused by all of the Penguins "winning the Stanley Cup" commercials as well, so their understanding of the league is as good as anyone elses...

Just remember Brown, nobody puts Happy in the corner.

Helene Elliott of the LA Times, had this to say about the hit:

Now, maybe they can get back to playing hockey today at Joe Louis Arena instead of playing victim and maligned villain.

I think back in the day we would simply call comments like this, bitter ramblings of a jealous bitch , but I think in today's technologically based world, this youtube video sums up a response much better....

Yeah that scared me too...sorry.

Alright and finally, Rafalski is still out tomorrow. Which feels like this:

Damn, tomorrows game is going to come really early. Matt at On the Wings described Friday's game as a C or B effort by the Wings...can they at least bring out an A- effort during Sundays game. Not sure if my nerves can handle that less than a minute shit again....

I can't stress the importance of going to Anahymen up two games. It's going to be one sleepless night...which I guess means the playoffs are here when even tequila can't knock you out.

Let's go Wings!

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