Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Could it be?

There has been a lot of talk and some not so subtle hints about a possible Stanley Cup rematch. Especially now that Pittsburgh has officially exposed Carolina for the team of misfits they are...Boston, did you watch closely? The Penguins had a wonderful time crushing the Canes and prominently displaying to everyone that they are merely a one trick, streaky Staal pony, with their only true defense being Cam Ward. Yes I know Malkin and Crosby have been on an offensive tear...and Fleury was huge when necessary, but I still think it was a very easy win, really like beating your little brother at something, cute, fun, still satisfying, but certainly not difficult....especially when you compare it to what any of the Western Conference teams have gone through.

With that being said, the Wings have a chance to make this epic rematch happen. Tonight's game 5. Babcock said he doesn't believe in momentum transferring from one game to another. And unfortunately with the Wings he's probably right....we never know which version we'll be watching or who will be healthy enough to play. But for the young, embarrassed Hawks, they can talk about getting past the public ass raping they experienced on Sunday, but you know it is still in the back of their minds, poking at them and reminding them, they just aren't good enough. If the Wings can come out strong, score first, forecheck hard, that seed of doubt already there, should fester like some disgusting venereal disease and really bring them down. Well that is if the Wings decide to come out flying instead of playing like a steaming pile of butt nuggets....We all know they have a history of squandering, yes I said squandering suck it, game fives. That and the Hawks will be hungry, desperate and ready to prove themselves. The fourth win is always the hardest, the Wings can't relax.

Today I will be anxiously waiting to see if Datsyuk and Lidstrom will be available to play. It's kind of like Christmas morning, when you still thought Santa was would wait and wait and think maybe this year will be the year he will bring me my pony...and you'd get up, have a great Christmas but of course no pony. I'm afraid we'll be experiencing that today folks. We could see a great game, but I think Babcock was just fucking with us when he said Lidstrom and Datsyuk may be ready...I wouldn't count on it. Can the Wings pull it together one more time without the Captain and Dangle Dangle, finish toying with these young little bastards and move on to the business at hand. I certainly hope so. I hope they stop being a perpetual hockey dick tease, occasionally showing us their greatness, then next pulling back and playing down to their opponents level. Tonight it will be important for them to crush the Hawks. Break their spirit, hold nothing back. Last game, the little guys said they felt like the Wings laughed at them. Tonight, no question. I want to hear cackling, laughter, and all out joy at the anguish of the Hawks. Franzen already made Kane his bitch, and he sure as hell just took it's time for the rest of them.

Tonight's the Wings opportunity to move on to their final rest stop before their path to a dynasty hits the final stretch. Finish them off, take them seriously enough to have a decisive win, and hopefully move on to Crosby and his pack of little bitches. Last year Crosby was a cocky little fucker, not sure if that's because his mouth was constantly full of Bitchman's peen, but he had no respect for his opponents. This year, I haven't heard as much of his little girl whining since he was ridiculed for ass fisting another player. Maybe if the Wings get a chance to play him in the finals, an opportunity to once again embarrass him and prove he's not only the leagues bitch but also the Wings....that will change. Ha the thought makes me smile and giggle like a little school girl.

The Wings are at home, after an emotional 6-1 victory. Yeah losing, not an option. Make it happen.

Finally from Dan Cleary:

"I don't feel we're robotic. We have a boatload of fun, but when it comes to game mode, there's a certain switch. It does take time to learn, but now we all know the discipline it takes to win, whether it's taking a punch in the face after the whistle, or ignoring when someone's trying to goad you into something. You're never bigger than the team."

Flip the switch, keep it on, and crush the Hawks. I don't know but I would enjoy seeing some children cry and stare out in space in utter disbelief....kind of like last year. Ahhhh memories.

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