Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now that is a Mother's Day Game 5

Wings 4- Ducks 1
Sweet baby Jesus that felt good to write. I'll admit I was nervous for this one....I know shocking right? The Wings won 2 nights before in Anaheim but it certainly wasn't their best performance. I was terrified they would come out for Game 5 sloppy and unmotivated. But luckily I was wrong. Now unfortunately there were a number of things going on during the game, so my review will probably be a bit weak, sorry, and maybe a little choppy and erratic. But would you really expect anything else?
This was certainly the Wings best performance during this series. They seemed to bring most of the aspects together and play for the majority of the 60 minutes. And while they absolutely dominated the game, there are still aspects they can improve on especially defensively. And that's the best part. If they want to, if they keep their foot on the gas, there game can move up to a whole other level. I think George from Snapshots sums it up best:

When you stomp on a rattlesnake with your boot, that snake still has life, and the Wings cannot and must not let their foot off the snake pedal (never mind the gas pedal) on Tuesday, lest that snake bite them again. They must press all the life out of that snake, and it's gonna take one helluva effort to do so.

He's absolutely right. The Ducks are like a bad case of herpes, they'll keep popping back up. The Wings absolutely must come out flying, skate to throat and have a decisive win on Tuesday. This game cannot go to a game 7. Right now Anaheim is tired, broken, and realizing they are not even in the same class as the Wings...time to take them out back and put them out of their misery Detroit.

Other thoughts, I was surprised to see Meech in the game today. Maybe I just didn't read enough to realize that change, but no one seemed to really focus on it. I was much happier with Meech over Chelios. The sickening feeling of dread when he was on the ice just wasn't there like it is with Cheli. Go figure?

I had to watch the game on the NHL network so I had the TSN feed. My favorite part of that had to be listening to the announcers try to pronounce Abdelkader's name. Honestly at one point they called him Abdeldrool....I'm sure they got to the point where they just said fuck it, I'll just call him wrecking ball. Abdelkader only had 10 shifts but he made them count. His line tended to control the play, and had some offensive chances. The most amazing part had to be his 9 hits in under 6 minutes. I guess Babcock didn't need to tell him his responsibility more than once.

The total essence of the Duck's effort can be summed up on their first power play. They literally had as many shots on net during their pp as Detroit did. With the rumor of Draper being ready for Game 6, someone lit a fire under Maltby's ass and he beat Whitney to the puck and got a shot off on the pk.

And guess who scored again? Oh that playoff beast that is Johan, I shoot I score, Franzen of course. Damn Kenny that contract is sounding better with each passing playoff game. Franzen had a beautiful wrist shot high above Hiller's blocker side and the Joe went fucking mad. Between the Let's go Red Wings cheers, Ozzie chants, and all around energy, it just seemed like a great game to be at. Well done, well done.

And if Franzen's goal wasn't enough to make the crowd go absolutely freaking nuts, Hudler followed up with a goal 39 seconds later. Using his amazing hand eye coordination he batted down a Zetterberg rebound to get his 3rd of the playoffs. Beautiful goal. A perfect bitch slap to the face ala Semin.

During the second period the Wings had a 2 minute time frame where they simply controlled the puck. Datsyuk was an absolute freak of nature with his puck control. As a fan who watches him all the time I was still amazed with the shit that he was able to do. Pierre LeBurn sums it up best:

The Wings controlled the puck for close to two minutes and decided a little Harlem Globetrotters was in order when Hart Trophy candidate Pavel Datsyuk flipped the puck over the cage from behind the net and nearly set up Daniel Cleary for a goal. Hey, when you're getting bored, you need to entertain yourself .

It was really just fun hockey to watch. I think during this period my heart started to beat at a much more normal rate. By the end of the game Detroit outshot Anaheim 38-17. Unfuckingbelieveable.

At one point, the TSN announcers had this to say "The Ducks's have no business being in this game, and if they score on the power play, they're in it."

And as if he channeled Ken Daniels, he predicted correctly, and the Ducks scored. And of course it was an ex Penguin, Whitney. So he should be doubly hated.

The third period was completely nerve racking especially since the Wings should have been up by more than one goal. But then, wait for it, Helm FINALLY got one in. Damn. Besides Dangle Dangle is there someone else who you wanted to see score that goal? Now of course this goal did not come without some controversy. Both of Cleary's skates where in the crease and at one point his left skate was behind Hiller's right leg and you could easily claim goaltender interference. But even as TSN pointed out, during the time Cleary's leg was behind Hiller, Hiller made the save and allowed one of his trade mark rocket rebounds bounce to the middle. At this point, Cleary pulls his skate out from behind Hiller and Helm shoots it in. The ref seemed pretty adamant it was a goal. And since the crease is no longer a chastity belt you can't break through (well for everyone except for Homer) if you aren't overtly interfering with the goalie, the crease rule is not so hard and fast.

I guess you really could argue that one either way. And in the words of Jonas Hiller, "You make you're own luck." The good thing is, the goal wasn't a game winner or a tying goal. It was just icing on the cake. And sorry but Karma is a nasty bitch and she has a long memory Duckies. So if you have some nasty shitty feelings about that one, suck a dick, because the goal disallowed for the Wings felt much worse.

Needless to say, this didn't stop Carlyle from bitching. He had one of his typical vagtastic moments and took to the media to air his concerns. STFU you bitchy little man. I will just be happy when the series is done and that ass hole no longer has any reason to discuss the Wings.

At the end of the game Zetterberg was carrying the puck up to an open net and Cleary was on the other side across the ice. You could tell Zetterberg wanted to pass it and get Cleary the goal, but it got to the point where he had to shoot. Classy, classy play. Perfect example of the selfless Detroit organization.

Contrast that to the Dickies, who take cheap shots and try to muck it up after the game. I know, I know, the Ducks not starting shit after a whistle is about as likely not catching crabs from a hooker. It just isn't a possibility. What is it my grandma always said, a tiger always shows their stripes.

Ozzie had an amazing night as well. He didn't have as much action as Hiller, but sometimes that's even harder. His mental focus is amazing. And the diving glove save on Christensen was fun to watch over and over again.

Despite the fact that this was an amazing game to watch, and the Wings dominated the Ducks like a varsity team does the JV, Babcock said it best, "we can only enjoy this for about 15 seconds." Exactly there is still a lot of work to do and areas to improve upon. The PK still gives me nightmares and cold sweats. They miss Rafalski and his outlet passes. If they can improve this aspect of their transition game and play through the neutral zone, Anaheim plays so tight and pushed up, with Detroit's skill and speed could create so many more odd man rushes.

Enjoy today. Revel in the fact that they are not going back to the Honda down 3-2, because Tuesday brings a whole new kind of stress. The cliche is true, the fourth one is always the hardest. I mean dammit I don't have to remind you of the cluster fuck that was game 4 of the BJ series. Skate to the throat, Game 6 needs to be a decisive and painful Wing's win.
And to end this, a little caption this photo:

Alright Hudler, you're what 5'8" with skates on.....exactly the kind of even match up I'm looking for. Didn't you hear I'm a fucking leader of this team and me and my manscaped love patch are going to show everyone what a badass I am by kicking your little ass. That damn Swede, Zetterberg didn't back down as Carlyle promised, and I don't see that fucking jolly green giant Ericsson anywhere, so I'm coming for you Happy. Bring it bitch, just watch my face, it's my money maker...

This isn't holding dammit. I'm just trying to play defense and this shifty little fucker keeps getting away. What the hell am I supposed to do?

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  1. As much as this is a great feeling, every Wings fan worth their salt knows well enough that this isn't over by any means. I expect the thuggery and goonery oh so typical of the Schmucks to come to the fore and try to hurt the skill guys for the Wings and they won't care if they go to the box for it.