Monday, May 4, 2009

Feel any better today?

Did you make it to work or school ok? No more vomiting right? While the loss still feels like a punch to the gut or a bitch slap to your mom, now I have to just hope it was a wake up call to the Wings....if any team can shake that off and come back it's Detroit right? RIGHT?
So around the web, here are some other people's thoughts about the game....

Apparently the world really is going to end soon, and it's not as a result of the swine flu (oh excuse me, PC here the H1N1 virus) but because Adrian Dater of the Denver Post has jumped on the Red Wings bandwagon...he had this to say...

Yes, I also know the Wings lost Game 2 to the Ducks. Doesn't matter. If you saw them completely dominate the game over the last three periods or so, you'd know that was one lucky win for the Ducks.

Yep feel the earth shaking? Head to your nearest bunker with your ridiculously large amounts of stocked up water and hand sanitizer...Dater just threw the earth off its axis.

Only Jonas Hiller and some oddly inaccurate Detroit shooters on great scoring chances in the first two OTs prevented the Wings from staying perfect in the postseason.

Good Point about the Detroit shooters, when Datsyuk is missing the net, and Samulesson scores from a backhand, you know it's a completely fucked up game and just one the hockey gods meant for the Wings to lose.

Mitch Albom had this to say about Ozzie:

Now. A word about Osgood. Whenever the Wings lose in overtime, fans worry about his psyche. Osgood didn’t want to talk at first in the locker room, and that’s not a good sign. But he should have been dressed before Marchant ever got a chance at the game-winner. Ozzie stopped 42 of 46 shots.

I'm not so worried about Ozzie...I think he was as pissed off as everyone else was....and an angry little Osgood means only good things for the Wings, and bad, nasty, dirty things for the Ducks. The Wings lost this game DESPITE Ozzie, and I think he knows that.

Uh and still feel a bit sick to your stomach, read the crap spewed by Randy Youngman of the OC Register below:

•Referees Bill McCreary and Eric Furlatt obviously let both teams play, for the most part, but it still was the Ducks' most disciplined game of the postseason (three minors totaling six minutes). Even so, Carlyle pointed out the only penalties in the third and fourth periods were against the Ducks. Some things never change.

Ummm no, they let the Ducks play and called the Wings for penalties only they and Bitchman could see. And I'm sorry, but it's not a disciplined game when the refs have simply shoved the whistles too far up their asses to retrieve whenever the Ducks have an infraction.

And if it makes you feel any better, Boston was shut out by Cam Ward and Staal, I mean, the Hurricanes last night...

I like my eyes and don't want to have to poke them I really don't want to see this shit again....


  1. I think I feel worse today. Yesterday, I was in shock. Today, nausea. Yesterday was not Osgood's fault. It was the lack of the Wings showing up in the first two periods. Carlyle needs to STFU but his little strategy is working so I'm sure he'll whine more.

  2. I know how you feel hockeychic, and if you are looking for a reason to fucking hate Carlyle even more, head over to Snapshots where George has found some more Randy bitching, I mean gamesmanship....

  3. I hope an errant puck hits that smug bastard, Carlyle, right in the forehead and cracks his skull.

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