Monday, May 4, 2009

I've got a case of the Mondays...

Sigh. So as everybody has already said, Rafalski's out for Tuesdays game. Grab your knees and bend over it's official.

Below is what Ansar Khan had to say:

"I'm sure hoping so (for Game 4),'' Babcock said. "I was hoping for Game 2. Doesn't matter how much I hope.''

Doesn't sound good especially since he didn't practice today, which seems odd for an upper body injury.

As expected Draper's out as well...

Kris Draper (upper-body injury) said doctors ruled him out for Game 3. He will be evaluated on a game-by-game basis.

And the lines were the same:


Meech (scratched)


Secretly I was hoping for a ZDH revival...and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But Babcock said he was happy with the who am I to say other wise.

I am sure Lebda immediately shit his pants when he was told Chelios would be playing again. He looked terrified playing out there with him and he sure as hell knew he couldn't pinch in....there's no way Chelios could cover for him.

As Matt at On the Wings pointed out, this scratch doesn't bode well for Meech and his future as a Wing. But in all honesty, he was never given much of a chance. He certainly played more as a forward than a defensemen. Also you have to consider the environment in Anaheim on Tuesday...would it be fair to throw Meech in there, wouldn't you just be setting him up to fail?

He hasn't played in I don't know how many games, the Ducks will be absolutely flying after their win, and the crowd is going to be worse than the BJ fans. At least Chelios is used to that environment and I really can't see Meech getting that many more minutes than him. The other 5 defensemen are just going to have to step up.

Who knows at this point. My stomach can't take anymore. They say stress takes years off your life right? How many years have Wings fans lost so far this year?

Until tomorrow



    Sounds like Babs is getting stressed about Rafi's absence.


  2. I thought the same thing....especially after watching him bench Chelios at the end of the game....Really nervous for tomorrow....