Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday, but it feels like Monday

If you have read this blog more than once, it's pretty obvious that I am not necessarily an overtly positive girl with sunshine shooting from me and giant halo over my head...but I also wouldn't say I am super pessimistic. So this morning, I woke up after having a dream where both Datsyuk and Lidstrom were skating at practice. I imagined them laughing about missing game 4 and assuring the Hockeytown faithful that they would be 110% available for game 5. I don't know somewhere in my fucked up psyche I imagined them skipping along the ice, leaping through the air, while simultaneously giving Bitchman the middle finger and causing Quennville to go into stress induced convulsions...I don't it was bizarre, don't fucking judge me though. Don't you dare...it's the playoffs and I'm sure you have all been off your game lately.

But anyway, back to my point, not sure who I pissed off, but my dream was quickly crushed when I found out both Datsyuk and Lidstrom were unavailable for practice. Matt at On the Wings has all the stories compiled into one place. I know it was stupid to think they would be able to practice...but call me a dreamer during the playoffs. There is still a slight chance they'll be ready for Wednesday and just took today off for further precautions. In fact some how Datsyuk shoved his swollen foot in his skate long enough to be on the ice for about 15 minutes. But who knows, maybe he has no intention of playing tomorrow and just wanted to fuck with Chicago's already "fragile" emotions.

After first hearing this development I began to think, hey, if they can rest up for a bit, maybe it would be better to let them fully heal. But then I read this over at KK. Nice point Babcock....dammit....

The other thing I’d say to you, it’s way easier to replace quality players in the short?term than it is in the long?term, because everyone can lift their level for a period of time. But, you know, how you gonna play like Nik every night? I haven’t seen anybody play like Nik every night, except Nik.

Lidstrom's irreplaceable and barring another melt down of the ages from Chicago, they will be putting up a much stronger fight. I have faith in the Wings, and they can do it without their top guys...but my nerves, stomach lining, and liver would really be happy if both, or even one, were able to play....I'm just saying.

And finally, Franzen apparently ripped out Kane's binky because he couldn't resist.

Amazing. Do you get the feeling that he was the same kid who would sit on others during recess fart on them, and then steal their lunches....just because he could? Yeah, that or he was a repeat recipient of swirlies and wedgies and decided he would like to take out his past regression on the little bitches from Chicago....either scenario...I fully support.

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