Friday, May 29, 2009

A Lidstrom AND Datsyuk Sighting

The Chief via Bruce MacLeod's twit or tweet (which sounds gross, but I think this is the first time I've understood the purpose of Twitter) Is reporting that BOTH Lidstrom and Datsyuk are skating at practice.

Holland already said he expects Lidstrom to be back for game one on Saturday. Now, because I'm so cool and everything, yeah scratch that perhaps I've just been one incredibly lucky biatch, I have an inside source who will occasionally give me some Red Wings related information. This person has been right in the past, specifically on the time frame and terms of the Mule's contract as well as the day he would sign etc. etc. Well today we had a chance to catch up and I learned what Lidstrom's injury really was....and you know what it makes sense. I'm not going to say what specifically was wrong because clearly the Wing's organization doesn't want anyone to know....I'll just say it makes sense he would be back today. Yeah more when the playoffs are done.

And as for Datsyuk, I am still holding out a beacon of hope for a game one return, but a Sunday showing is probably more likely.

Alright the nerves have officially set in. Not sure I'm ready.

UPDATE: From Bruce of course,

Here's what the Wings are working out of today ...

Cleary-Filppula-Hossa (Datsyuk working in)
Leino-Abdelkader-Maltby (Draper working in)



Here's what jumps out ... Lidstrom is working out of a spot that says he's definitely playing in Game 1 of the SCF. Datsyuk is just subbing on a line. Babcock is prepping the team for a game without Pavel.On the blue line, Lilja is partnered with Lebda. Two things might be going on. First, Lilja might be back in the lineup with Chelios out. Second, and I think this might be more reasonable, Lilja is a place-holder for Ericsson, who might return from appendicitis surgery.

Interesting. The Chief also updated that Datsyuk isn't skating or moving much. Damn. I think I was more willing to believe he could be back than a high school boy is excited to score on prom night. I also don't think Lilja is in game shape but is more of a place holder. But deep down, I think the Wings will be without Ericsson and Datsyuk for game one. And anyway I attempt to spin that, it still comes out negative. Wow, a special gift for Gary and Sidney. I honestly think I will develop an ulcer if I am forced to watch Chelios play one more game...


  1. Yup, the stress has set in for me too. Ugh. Trying not to worry about injuries too much but I keep having nightmares about passes going over and under Chelios' stick on the blue line.

  2. I learned what Lidstrom's injury really was....and you know what it makes sense. I'm not going to say what specifically was wrongAck! This is is even a bigger tease than the portly puck bunnies reveal the Chief has over on A2Y!

    Based on what you know, do you think St. Nick will be 100 percent tomorrow, or still have some lingering effects?

  3. Bella, I think he should be perfectly fine. While painful, my guess would be he'll be back to normal on Saturday. But with how this year is going, I'm still crossing my fingers.

  4. Good to know. Thanks for the tip, Jessie. And no kidding on crossing the fingers. And animal sacrifice. And selling my soul. Whatever works for a win!

  5. Kidney stones? It's lower body. :)

    Glad he's okay, though. Definitely need him against the Penguins.