Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a strange strange month...

This playoff run has certainly been unique....oh who am I kidding it's fucking bizarre. Datsyuk has been goalless for over a month, and Samulesson and Cleary have apparently stolen his mojo. But what the hell it's the playoffs.

Chances are, you've already seen the this post over at The Triple Deke, but read it again. It may offer a bit of an explanation as to why Babcock pops a boner whenever Samuelsson enters the room, and then asks the question why we aren't all creamin our panties over his solid defensive and offensive abilities. Well done guys...As if I didn't already feel like a bitch over the shit I talked about Lilja last I'm wrong about I'll learn that Chelios is actually faster than Helm and Maltby will get a hat trick in game 3.

So if Samuelsson's 2 game winning goals weren't enough to shake up your little universe, I think it's also worth mentioning the Datsyuk goal scoring drought. His teammates, and most fans, myself included, think he'll get his scoring touch back soon. And honestly with all the other contributions from him, you'd be an ass hole to bitch about it. But you can tell he's about to lose his shit over this. He can't take it anymore. In the immortal words of Chubbs he needs to find his happy place. Not sure what it will consist of, maybe some Mika and Russian vodka, but something to calm him the fuck down. He just seemed pissed last game and if his scoring touch doesn't come back soon he may hunt down Cleary, and bitch slap him until his mojo is returned.

So in honor of Dangle Dangle, and to send out some positive energy to the hockey gods, below is a great youtube clip of some of his best goals. It'll come back at some point, just hope he doesn't lose his shit before me, when he get's his touch back, I would not want to be the other team....

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