Sunday, May 10, 2009

2009 Western Conference Semifinals Game 5

Series Tied 2-2

Ahhh it's here. Mother's Day and Game 5. The team who wins this game will have a huge advantage and two opportunities to close out the series. But I don't fucking have to tell you that. If you're searching around Wings blogs and happen to stumble and find your way here, you probably know more than me anyway.

So yes today is Mother's Day, and since my mom lives 3000 miles away I decided to play the ass hole guy card with my fiance. I informed him my ass is not leaving the couch (or floor, depends on where I decide to wet myself and rock for comfort) until the game is done. I don't care if it is a stereotype, this was very misogynistic behavior, which felt weird doing while I was drooling over a lovely pair of Jimmy Choo's. But whatever, despite the fact that this game promises to be absolute torture on my already fragile nerves, I didn't want to miss it if I could help it. My hands are already a bit tingly so I'm sure the nerves there have already decided to quit this bitch. But anyway Happy Mother's day to all the mom's out there. And to read the creepiest way child birth has ever been described, please, please head over to The Triple Deke. It may make your vagina immediately run the other direction, whether you have one or not.

As you are well aware, the injuries are stacking up for the Wings. Let's see if I can name them all, I may have to use the fingers and toes method to count, and that makes me sad....for more than one reason. Draper, Rafalski, Lilja, and now of course Kopecky. I hope that Babcock puts a mortetorium on all future fighting until they can take them to some sort of camp this summer. I don't think these guys are meant to throw punches....

Apparently, Getzlaf was still a bit sick yesterday, and while he was around the team (yeah nice move if you have the flu jackass) he said he was getting better. And I know this is an ass hole thing to say, but I kinda, ok not kinda but really, hope that it was a nasty flu. The kind that simultaneously causes vomiting and explosive diarrhea. I just really hate this frat boy tool. But anyway, I'm sure he will be back and ready to play today, unlike Thursday.

The other injury news for the Ducks. Well all my assumptions that Carlyle is a complete and utter dirty nut sack are apparently valid. He called out Wisniewski and basically said it's up to him whether he plays or not. Jeez, throw him under the bus much? He basically should have just said " bruised lung? Get your ass in there any play you cocksucking motherfucking little pussy." Would have had the same results and been a much more interesting sound bite.

Either way, game day is here. The Wings played well on Thursday but FAR from great. I just hope they will be able to step up their game and began the take down of the Ducks. It's imperative they win this one. Going back to Anahymen down 3-2 is not really an option. God I hope they win. I don't want to have a bitchy attitude for the remainder of the day once I am finally forced to leave the couch.

Ozzie had this to say in typical zen master form:

"Last game we were loose and more confident than we have been in any point in the series," Osgood said. "We weren't clutching our sticks tight, we were just letting it flow and playing."

"We don't rely on one guy," Osgood said.

Alright hold on folks the days here. Wish all the mother's in you life a Happy Mother's Day and try to catch the game if at all possible. I am far too nervous to write anything significant or worthwhile today so head over to these sites for game day updates.


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Able to Yzerman

I would love, love to see this smug little fucker have to give another sad interview. Hope the Wings can make it happen.


  1. Just get the win, Wings. Amp it up.

  2. Turns out Abbadabbadoo was the right "plug in" here. Helm and Abdelkader delivered 15 of Detroit’s 35 hits tonite.

    Another old fashion mudhole stompin' win by the Wings 4-1.

    Suck on that Carlyle, you piece of shit.

  3. NOW, the killer instinct kicks in for the Wings on Tuesday night.

    Double. Skate. Throat.