Sunday, May 3, 2009

That one hurt...badly

Triple over time, Wings lose 4-3
At this point, the loss is still burning, worse than a college freshman's first urine test. So I'm going to try and keep this short and too the point. I'm not fully prepared to relive what happened this afternoon, it's far too tiring. Here are a few random thoughts.
  • Last game it seemed as though the Wings brought out their B or C game. I was hoping for at least an A- this time. Unfortunately today we witnessed the Wings D efforts in the first two periods. Which shows that if their D effort can keep up with the Dicks than they really should have no problem closing out the series. At this point, the Wings have been their own worst enemy.
  • Chelios and Lebda were absolutely awful. It was almost painful to watch. Lebda seems to really feed off his partner. When he has confidence in them (ie Lilja or Ericsson) his game is on a whole nother level. When he's playing with Chelios, he seems fucking terrified....which I think all the Wings fans out there can relate to.
  • Dangle Dangle, Hossa, Zetterberg, Filppula were almost invisible. Our best players don't need to be our best, but they do need to perform. Franzen and Helm were far and above the best. It will be interesting to see if Helm ends up on a higher line in Anaheim.
  • Hiller once again did not seem to be the Wing eater, and game stealer the media and league were hoping for. He made some saves, but the rebounds were once again there. The difference this time is the fact that the Wings didn't capitalize. I was hoping for an all Swedish gang bang on the little Swiss miss, but it never seemed to materialize.
  • The refs were terrible, which I will get to later, trust me, but at least they eventually made the right call on the Stuart goal. Even if you look closely at the rules, it absolutely should have counted. I am sure that Gary Bitchman was pulling out his ball hair piece by piece in anger and frustration has he had to give that goal to the Wings....but not to worry the refs made up for it the rest of the game.
  • Over at the A2Y live blog PaulinMiamiBeach had this to say,
I forgot to mention I took a lip reading class a couple months ago. that ref was saying “I’m sorry, Henrik, but the NHL memo was very clear. You’re wearing the Red Wings logo so that’s not a penalty. Your head is fair game.”
  • I think that pretty much sums up the officiating, or lack there of in this game. How is it that one of the least penalized teams in the league is playing one of the most penalized, and yet Detroit still comes out with more penalties. It was absolutely shocking. The Ducks didn't have a penalty in the entire 2nd period and it certainly wasn't due to discipline. They were running Ozzie, interfering, cross checking the shit out of Homer, tripping, boarding....and no calls. Kronwall does something Niedemayer and Pronger have been doing all game, and suddenly they pull the whistles out their ass holes and make a call. Just pathetic. When games are called like that it's not fun to watch. I know as fans we are prone to complain about the officiating, but for the most part I really like to believe it all evens out. But this game was one where they really were on their knees blowing both the game and Carlyle. Apparently his bitching, whining, and all around pussy behavior reached both Bitchman and the officials. It is disgusting. The officials are supposed to control the game, not influence the outcome. Too bad the only people on the ice the Wings can't beat are the refs.
  • Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the Wings didn't play horribly in the first two periods...they really did. But The refs wanted to do their part for the Ducks as well.
  • And this brings me to the broadcasts on NBC. It's this time of year that I realize how spoiled we are to have Mickey and Ken. Versus and NBC are riddled with a bunch of Bitchman's lackeys. Honestly you would think they were a rabid pack of puck bunnies with they way they were all over Getzlaf. I think he will be the source of many of their wet dreams this evening. I'm just surprised they took his cock out of their mouths long enough to complain about a little ice spray in Hillers face (all I heard was "on no what if he has contacts", really I thought this was hockey) while Homer is being repeatedly punched and cross checked after the whistle....poor Crosby is somewhere crying wondering why they've cheated on him.
  • A few other random thoughts, many people think Hossa is hurt. And while I hate to say it, because it makes it all too real, I think they're right. He took a big hit in the first and just wasn't the same again.
  • Franzen is a playoff beast. He once again scored the clutch goal. I like his interview after the third period where he mentioned something about needing to get back in the game and score, so he did...all passe and shit. I just wish he could have capitalized during overtime.
  • The good news from this game, the Wings seemed to play much better in the third period and during OT. I just had a feeling that it would be one of those games, where they dominate at the end and it would be a defensive breakdown that cost them. And while Kronwall got stuck pinching, you have to cut him so slack, he was just under 40 min TOI.
  • Ozzie also played really well again. I will never understand that magnificentlittle bastard and how he can be so different in the playoffs, but I'm not complaining, I'll take it.
  • Even though Babcock had the last change, Carlyle seemed to repeatedly get better match ups....which does scare me considering he has the last change in Anaheim.
  • Overall that was a tough game to lose. Obviously with most people, including myself, picking the Wings in 6 they were bound to lose. But watching them play so poorly, watching the officials overtly influence the game, and then the Wings dominating the last 3 periods, made it tough to swallow.
  • I can't even fucking think about Tuesday at this point. The wounds from tonight are too raw. I just hope the Wings come away with at least one win while in Cali. I hope Rafalski and Draper are cleared to play, and that Hossa, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg actually show up. It's balls to the wall now, they need to slow down the Ducks momentum.
I will however leave you with this. The last time the Wings lost in triple over time, they won the Stanley Cup....maybe this is exactly the kind of kick to the balls the Wings just don't let it happen again.
More tomorrow


  1. Oh and by the way, Helene Elliot (you mentioned in another blog) is a fricking idiot. I've read her columns over the years and she's got the Duck's collective jizz all over her. No objectivity, limited hockey smarts and a big, f*cking mouth.


  2. "I've read her columns over the years and she's got the Duck's collective jizz all over her."

    Wings Fan In KC, that is easily the most amazing thing I have heard all day.

  3. I am glad you mentioned the Getzlaf fest on NBC. I looked at my friend yesterday and said, "Is there another team playing besides the Ducks and do you think they might mention them?" Geez, I mean the Wings didn't do much to talk about in the first two periods but it was ridiculous yesterday.

    I agree, Carlyle's whining seemed to do the trick yesterday. Reminded me of Therrien's crying during the SCF last year. Blech, it still hurts, this loss.

  4. HC, I just opined about Randy the Botch taking over for Michel Therrien as the whiniest little scum bitch in the NHL. He's there, Oh, is he THERE!

    Just remember what happened to Therrien's team.