Thursday, May 7, 2009

No other choice.

And experience like this is the reason the Wings keep veterans around in both Grand Rapids and Detroit: From Snapshots

"It's about not getting too high, and not getting too low. It's about character, being able to bounce back," McCarty said. "On all the championship teams I've played with, you are going to face adversity. It's how you react."

It's their time. They don't have a choice. Game 4 is a must win for the Wings, and they know it. These are experienced players and even the relative newbies like Helm and Ericsson have been in the system long enough to know what's expected of them and what it's going to take.

Do you think that Hossa has forgotten the feeling of sitting on the boards at the end of game 6 watching the Wings celebrate their 11th Stanley Cup? An utter castration like that is not easy to get over...and you can be damn well sure he does not want to feel that way again. Watching the Duck's move on to the next round....not even an option for Hossa. Some way, he'll be back to form...and he knows it has to be tonight.

Ozzie's proven he's ready. It's not easy to elevate ones game the way he has done during the think he's going to be happy letting a slow start interfere with his chance at another cup? Hell no. He'll be cracking heads if necessary, quarterbacking and controlling his area along the way. Think Lebda's going to step out of line again with Osgood? Nope, when Ozzie's pissed he's a scary little fucker.

Zetterberg was stellar against Nash, and we all saw flashes of that brilliance last game against that motherfucking Getzlaf. The 12 year man is just warming up. You can be damn sure he wants to get cup number 12 the same year he signed his big contract...

Can't forget about Dangle Dangle. A slow start and a frustrated Datsyuk can lead to amazing things. We saw his hard work beginning to pay off last game, and it's only a matter of time before he starts racking up the points, just like during the regular season....Ahhhh Pronger you dumb bastard, you poked the beast that is Dangle Dangle after last prepared you cocksucker...what's about to happen will not feel good.

At the end of every game, when Detroit finally decided to play their system, Anaheim couldn't keep a bunch of old people after their 4pm early bird dinner, they were tired. Imagine what a beautiful ass kicking could take place if the Wings did this all game long.....And Helm....they don't even know what to do with that speedy little bitch who seems to be all hopped up on aderall. I know the line match ups are key which probably attributes to his low minutes, but if he could wear them down a bit, well then Anaheim will simply be Detroit's dirty used whore, wham bam thank you mam.

All the pieces are's lined up. The Wings should have no problem getting passed this team of headhunts man....I mean sweet baby Jeebus, this is not a team full of Joe Thorntons. We all know it is not likely that a more talented team will ever be assembled again in Gary Bitchman's fucked up wet dream...the only question now, do they have the passion to play to their full ability tonight? I think their past proves they do.

And yet it doesn't stop me from wallowing today, in the fetal position, after repeatedly wetting myself. It is my playoff tradition and superstition after all. And God help me it's only a little after 10am.


  1. Gonna be in a shellacking of the Fucks in front of a dazed and scared shitless Fucks fans.

    Go Wings!!!

  2. MULE and HOSSA (Finally!) ram down 4 G's so far! Sa-Weet!!


  3. Time to light up the rusty Giguere!!!

    Swiss Miss chased from the net after 5 goals.

  4. THat really was a good ole fashioned stom 'em a new asshole game. I'm really hoping that the SAME team that played in game 4 shows up for Game 5 and not those impostetrs from Games 2 and 3!!!